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Antibacterial Outdoor Garden WPC Products Seller


Installed quickly

Product installation is simple, you can quickly loading and unloading, easy to decorate.


Production of environmentally friendly materials can be produced, the environment pollution.

Sincere service

Seriously deal with every customer of the product consulting, we also provide customized products.

Common counseling Questions

Wpc is a kind of building material which is formed by extrusion of plastic and wood fiber in a certain proportion.
wpc can be made without the need for a variety of colors to choose from. it does not exist the problem of fading.
According to the different raw materials and processes, the ideal conditions are generally available outdoor 5 - 10 years.
Corrosion-resistant, anti-moth, good fire resistance
Usually in the grass on the installation of keel, and then use the nail gun to the ecological wood plate fixed on the keel in turn connected.

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