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Rubber flooring, however, lacks the visual appeal and comfort but serves the purpose of protecting your boat from the harsh effects of weather elements. One way to install it is if it is done in parts rather in whole. There are also may different types of rubber flooring, including anti-slip options, so be sure to choose wisely.

You finally bought your dream boat, but you want to add some unique features to make it even more “yours”. Or, are you looking to upgrade a boat that you've already called to your own? Either way, an upgrade as simple as changing your boat floor covering is one that can breathe new life into your sea 

It is easy to get excited about boating, but before going out on the water, it is important that people examine their vessel for leaks, rot, and holes. If there is anything that could compromise the structural integrity of the boat or turn into a bigger problem down the road, owners should address it before it is too late. It is easy to let 

A: In order to install your boat carpet you must remove all of the old carpeting and adhesive from the deck of your pontoon. Also, it is important to fill any voids or delaminated areas on your existing deck with wood putty or fiberglass filler. If you do not remove the old carpet and glue or if you do not fill the 

Unfortunately, too many years of Top-Sider abuse, spilled drinks, and ground-in marina grime will knock the stuffing out of even the best carpet. Don't tread on thin threads—replace them. Investing in new carpet is a slam dunk. It's one of the most cost-effective things you can do to spruce up your boat, and 

In this video we will install Chilewich Floor Covering Fabric from Sailrite in a powerboat. Chilewich is a beautiful woven flooring with a blend of vinyl mesh and fiberglass with a polyurethane foam backing that is perfect for marine environments. It's easy to pattern, cut, finish edges and install for any do it 

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