composite veneer over backyard deck

When I meet with homeowners to discuss their deck projects, a topic that comes up over and over again is the appearance of the posts that will support the deck. One concern is that the posts will look unfinished compared with the finishes on the rest of the deck. In addition, many clients complain that decks 

With X-Flex, we've added two layers of Maple to the outside of the tried and tested “I-Beam” structure. The further away from the middle of the deck you get, the more the veneers stretch or compress as you bounce up and down on the deck. Flexy longboard decks are essentially “Leaf spring” suspension systems. And every 

I'd like to veneer the transom and the cabin. (I'd really like to experiment with some marquetry for the transom, in the very least the name in a contrasting species.) I'd be willing to lay glass cloth over it as added measure. I also want to cover the deck with teak but will likely buy the prepare teak decking and 

When recessing your hot tub into a deck, leave about 16-18” rise above the deck to allow for the cover to fit over the hot tub when not in use. Keeping your hot This short deck, composite design is stunning for creating a relaxing space for hosting dinner parties, enjoying time with family, or creating a space for relaxation.

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