Anti Termite wood for decking

Subterranean termites live underground, and you may find infestations in your garden, wood piles, or even compost heaps. There are approximately Most pest control agencies are not qualified to handle Formosan termites, which have shown a high resistance to chemical and non-chemical treatments alike. Due to their 

BluWood is a preconstruction, factory-applied, two part wood protection system. BluWood contains DOT and is applied to protect the wood from fungus and wood destroying insects, including Formosan termites. Each wood component is completely encapsulated with the BluWood Infusion Film to provide controlled topical 

A high quality oil-enriched sealer, which penetrates deep into the wood, protecting and sealing surfaces against moisture, mildew, sun, heat and cold. UV stabilized, with anti-wood borer and anti-termite ingredients, it will not crack, peel or blister. Over-coating is simple, as preparation is minimal, provided the wood has not 

The demand for balcony decking materials is also seen on the rise. With the massive availability of decking products today, buying a good quality and safe decking product for your balcony is therefore, of the utmost importance. Here are some important buying tips for your balcony deck. 1) Anti Termite 

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