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Not just for children either, “Anti Grabbity” is the perfect barrier for reckless adults partying on hotel balconies. Put a stop to planking and dangerous alcohol-fueled behavior. The transparent strips connect together to cover your balcony railing requiring only a few minutes to install. Virtually invisible, they'll keep any strata 

Handrails, typically are used as the basic safety, support feature for protection against falls. Be it staircases, balconies, corridors or open terraces; strong railings are a requirement according to most of the local regulations and a mainstay of safety guidelines. In Singapore, Glass Railings can be commonly under Living in HDB flats > Home Renovation > “Looking For Contractors” or via . z) Painting external wall railing of the balcony with colour that is different from the original. aa) Covering up the gas f) Painting of walls, ceiling or door, in the case of HS door, house owners cannot cover up or paint over.

To promote high-rise greenery, URA introduced the balcony GFA incentive scheme in 2001 to encourage balconies to be incorporated in residential and hotel . concerning this circular, please do not hesitate to call our DCD Customer Service Hotline at Tel: 6223 4811 or e-mail us at ura_dcd

There are many types of profiles for glass staircase and railing. Horizontal or vertical sheets of plate glass can be used either to enclose a balcony, terrace or staircase. Profiles using balustrades will add a sense of lightness, lack of materiality and a very modern touch either to your home or business.

We are providing glass railing in Singapore that is not just pleasing to the eyes but guarantees great product quality as well. We are also Glass Railing. balcony glass railing(2). balcony glass railing(1). balcony glass railing(3). balcony glass railing(5). balcony glass railing(4). Pedestrian Overhead Bridge Glass Railing(12.

In another incident in the United Kingdom, a 5-year-old boy came within minutes of falling 30 meters to his death after climbing onto the balcony of a midrise flat as But how extensively they have considered the safety issues remains a concern, especially when aesthetics and cost factor into the equation.

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1. If you live alone and a narrow balcony like this is only yours to enjoy, try decking it out with a slightly over-sized furniture. It'll create a nook that's.

The "invisible" grilles at the balcony of a fourth-storey unit at the 19 Shelford Road condo. The owner was concerned his two young children would go through or over the condo's railings (in blue) and fall. Separately, 22 residents at Sunglade condo (below) in Serangoon wanted to cover the trellises in their 

It doesn't look it, but this dining area was actually the (large) balcony! The homeowners decided to capitalise on its floor area, so the designer had the entire flooring redone to tie the indoor and outdoor space together. Sliding louvred panels were also installed in front of the balcony railing, such that the 

Singapore News - When he bought a $2 million double-storey penthouse at 19 Shelford condominium, off Adam Road, in February, he thought he had secured Read more at Then, Mr Zou Xiang, 41, a software engineer, realised that the balcony of his fourth-storey unit did not have grilles.

If you'd like to prep your meals on the balcony, the just get these aluminum kitchen features which can be easily attached to the balcony railing. Every element has a different function: there's a barbecue, a small greenhouse, a table, a bar and a worktop and you can mix and match them however you want.

Some codes require hand rails for certain heights, and specific dimensions for some stairs. To get a better idea of the price, check with your local codes first before designing your stairs. Porch stairs: This is where your home says “hello” to the world. As such, it may be very elaborate or simple and homey. Usually made of 

Has anyone done a railing similar to this recently who can give me an approximate $ LF budget number?(I don't personally We've also had a few glass balconies explode in recent winters. Also, I'm . In a residential setting you can cap the glass with wood or metal to double as your handrail. I saw one 

Free courier delivery above S$60 in Singapore. Virtually invisible, the transparent strips connect together to cover your balcony railing requiring only a few minutes to install. Improve your balcony safety in a cost effective, easy to install way, requiring no modifications to your home with Anti Grabbity.

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