what kind of maintenance does cedar decking

Cedar decking is a naturally rot-resistant wood, which turns gray once you allow it to sit in the sun. There are other types of materials available that will be less maintenance-intense, but cedar is

A deck that dries after wetting will last longer than one that stays damp. Good maintenance practices for cedar decks include allowing proper water drainage; keeping the surface free of dirt, leaves, pine-needles and other debris; and moving planters, benches and other deck accessories from time to time to 

If your cedar decking has been exposed to the elements for a longer period of time and has weathered a great deal, then you should wash it before staining. Use a power washer or hose to thoroughly clean the surface of the deck. This will renew the decking color as well as allow the stain to be absorbed more effectively.

The best natural decking is comprised of cedar, redwood or pressure-treated pine. If you deck is made of any wood other than cedar, redwood, cypress or treated lumber it will need to be sealed annually. While natural hardwood can be left to weather to a lovely grey, natural 

Spring in Portland and the Pacific Northwest can bring on some angst for local deck owners when it comes to home deck maintenance. For those Although fewer and fewer Cedar decks are built each year, it still remains the go to for customers whose initial budget is limited or just prefer the rustic look. Aside from period 

The proper care and maintenance of your deck make it last longer and look great. HouseLogic's deck Annual deck maintenance will forestall repairs, protect your investment, and boost your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Image: Wolman Deck Or buy a pole-type groove and crevice cleaner. 2. Protect all shrubs and 

When building an outdoor project that will primarily be used as an entertainment space for many years, it's important to choose a material that's naturally stable. Certain types of wood are low maintenance and durable, making them an ideal building choice for do-it-yourselfers. Western red cedar is one such 

And natural extractives in redwood and cedar can discolor the surface. The road to restoring a deck's great looks is usually simple, regardless of the type of wood. First, you clean it, and then you diagnose and treat any discoloration. Last, you protect the result with a durable finish. If you're working on a deck 

Be prepared for regular maintenance no matter what finish you choose. And while pressure-treated lumber and naturally decay-resistant species such as cedar and redwood can last a very long time outside, they aren't immune from the effects of weather. Thus, most homeowners and deck professionals 

Some wood species also have naturally occurring preservatives that protect them from decay and degradation. All of these factors determine how a wood will hold up as it ages. Of the three most commonly used woods, redwood is the most stable and rot resistant wood. Western Red Cedar is the very similar to redwood, but 

A cedar deck will last 20 30 years with little to no maintenance. However, to keep your outdoor living area looking its best, it's well worth your time to give your decking a bit of attention in the late fall and again in the spring. As a homeowner, you gain several benefits from cleaning, staining, and resealing 

proportion to its weight, Western Red Cedar is a species of wood whose The grain will change giving it a different appearance. There are a lot of variables when working with cedar. You'll find wood that has knots and “clear or select wood” that . maintenance program for your cedar deck is the most important thing you.

Penetrating finishes do not flake, crack, or peel. These treatments help repel water and if formulated with a mildewcide, slow down the growth of micro-organisms like mildew. The penetrating finishes are often used as a natural finish for cedar decks. There are three types of penetrating finishes: water 

Hi all, When is the best time to stain and finish new cedar deck? After a few maintenance coats, the color can begin to look somewhat solid or opaque. . Apparantly transparent iron oxide pigments are "needle shaped" and can be made into a variety of yellow and red colours by changing the length to 

People are always asking me if ultra low-maintenance materials like composite decking are worth the investment. There are many practical you have to do?? It kind of negates the point doesn't it? The same project will run you roughly $12.5K in cedar, or $15-$16 in composite. That's quite the jump for 

It's more expensive than cedar for a wood deck, but once it's down, it won't rot, splinter or twist. The color change is even (though in shady, damp areas it can turn dark, like the example in the photo). You can even stain most types after four to six months. Since the material is defect free, you can use every inch. Maintenance 

When cleaning a cedar deck with just about any sort of cleaner, it is possible to end up with a white film often called "wood fuzzies" or furring. Furring can occur any time cedar is cleaned, but is most seen in 2 scenarios; either new cedar or with heavily oxidized wood. Heavily oxidized cedar is characterized by a dull, gray 

Cedar Decks - Care and Maintenance Tips. Cedar decks are very popular in almost every area of the country. In fact if you take a look at the gallery of pictures of decks you will see just how many decks were built with cedar 

To prolong the life of your wooden deck and preserve its beauty, cleaning and maintenance tasks should be performed on an annual basis. In the spring, you should clean and seal your deck to help prevent breakdown and damage to your deck, while keeping it looking great. Neglecting to care for your deck every year can 

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