fixing wooden cladding to interior wall panels

Step 2: Choosing your cladding. Cladding comes in various lengths and thicknesses but all use the method of tongue-and-groove joints. You'll find a variety of well-known cladding systems to choose from. Some are made of real wood, some are very good imitations. Some need fixing with pins, others just need adhesive.

External softwood timber cladding should be at a moisture content of approximately 16% at the time of fixing when it will be in approximate equilibrium with the average atmospheric conditions found in the UK. An appropriate For both timber frame and masonry walls the same batten and cladding configuration is used.

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Introducing timber to your interiors is the ideal way to add warmth and a sense of homeliness, whether your overall aim is to create classic, traditional style or a more contemporary look. While timber floors have become something of a mainstay in many homes, for many, wood panelling remains something 

Common Types of Wood Cladding. Installing cladding and trim. Shiplap Cladding. Shiplap cladding offers the visual appeal of overlap cladding whilst providing the strength and durability of tongue and groove cladding. It is considered a good option for a backyard or garden shed because it will last for quite some time.

When we moved into our house last year there was a problem with some damp on the lower floor. We called in the damp proofing people but we had real trouble with one interior wall in the hallway. The damp guys came back 3 times to try and fix the issue, with the final result being that the damp was 

You can attach shelving, mirrors, and interior doors more easily to wooden-clad walls than to tile walls. Sealed wooden cladding resists to apply wooden cladding. Upon installing the cladding, you may want to replace your old baseboards with wider trim to balance the strong vertical and horizontal texture of the paneling.

Here at NORclad, we've had over 35 years of experience creating and installing amazing timber cladding projects. We want to Each panel should also be individually fixed. External Wall To clad an external wall, you need to attach battens to the wall and subsequently fix the cladding to these battens.

After fitting the wooden frame for the cladding walls (see post), it's time to fit the cladding. It is starting to look like a campervan now! Note: updated on 15th May 2015. This took 20 packs of 8mm pine cladding in 1.8m lengths to clad the walls and ceiling. Cost was £96. I bought all the cladding from Wickes a 

Wall panelling is a fantastic feature to use in the home and the variety of styles and finishes means it works in almost any interior scheme. Having custom-made panelling installed by a professional is always going to look good and fit perfectly, but the DIY option is a viable alternative if you have a reduced 

As timber specialists, we always look for new ideas and innovations that translate into industry leading products. Our range of interior wall cladding has been developed to inspire interior designers: free flowing textures and sinuous grain in an earthy colour palette create opportunities to use form and contrast to influence the 

Tools & supplies. You'll need the following to complete this project: Glue and glue gun. Drop saw with fine, sharp blade for accurate cutting without chipping. Second fix nail gun. Pin nails that will penetrate the framing timber at least 17mm. Construction adhesive. Scaffolding may be necessary. STEP 1. Prepare the wall or 

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