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Staterooms increased in size thereafter with double beds, built-in wardrobes, and comfortable seating areas. Single berth state rooms, like those on A-Deck, were decorated more modestly than the lavish period suites on B and C-Decks. Above most beds was an electrical outlet with a call button that could summon a 

But no more. Advances in outdoor living allow you to easily incorporate your own vision on your deck. “Your deck should feel like an extension of your indoor living space and what better way to do that than creating a zone that feels completely geared toward your personal style and comfort,” Campbell says 

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen can make for the perfect addition to your Fort Lauderdale home. If you plan to be hosting regular parties on your deck, it's important that you're able to have everything on hand that you'll need to keep your guests entertained and comfortable. Fire pits are a great choice for 

Learn the proper methods and materials for installation of tile, stone and other direct adhered materials onto suitable substrates for exterior balconies (not over occupied space).

But a full 5 or 6 month outdoor season spent enjoyed in one's backyard cries out for comfortable and superbly functional amenities. Today's blog, however, will not . planning your outdoor kitchen. Here, Deck and Patio used natural stone for the veneer of the barbecue bar and added a seat wall made with the same veneer.

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