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Non-toxic organic mattresses and bedding solutions for a healthier sleep. Your Organic Bedroom offers organic mattress brands such as Organicpedicbyomi(OMI), Savvy Rest, WJ Southard and Naturepedic from crib to king size. In addition Your Organic Bedroom offers all natural and organic OMI top of the bed products: 

EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than they are outside. To find the source of many of these pollutants, just glance down. Installation of new carpet and flooring can fill the air with hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including known and suspected carcinogens 

AURO supply high quality, breathable paints, wood stains, floor oils, furniture waxes & decorative finishes that are chemical free for healthier finishes.

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suppressant and moisture barrier for interior and exterior applications of hard surface, resilient and wood flooring. Easily applied with a trowel, roller, brush or airless sprayer,SubSeal bonds to the substrate with superior adhesion and meets ANSI A118.10 for thin-bed, load bearing waterproof membranes. How It Works.

What is the best type of flooring to install in wet areas like water-prone basements, full bathrooms, and even outdoors? What about semi-wet, Though bamboo flooring is made of an organic product, the bamboo is heavily imbued with chemicals and resins that are water-resistant though not waterproof.

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor, and being completely waterproof, it is also the only truly washable textile floor. Explore the collections below or watch the 

oekotex Dickson flooring has also been awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 label certifying that they do not contain any toxic substances and do not represent any risks for human health, skin or the environment. Abrasion resistant. Coulourfast. Waterproof. Stain resistant. Although the structure of the weave makes it appear to have 

FLOORS, INTERIOR. Concrete Subfloor. Cement Mortar, Cleavage Membrane. F111. Cement Mortar, Bonded. F112. Latex-Portland Cement Mortar. F113. Cement Mortar, Epoxy Grout. F114. Latex-Portland Cement Mortar, Epoxy Grout. F115. Organic Adhesive or Epoxy Adhesive. F116. Waterproof Membrane - Cement 

Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner Concentrate 2.5l: Garden & Outdoors.

Mastic as a tile adhesive has a number of drawbacks, since it's organic, it can harbor mold in high-moisture areas, it also will re-liquefy when submerged in water and lose it's adhesive strength. Some manufacturers are promoting their tile adhesive as water-resistant and safe when subjected to limited moisture exposure, 

This bath handsomely warms up concrete's cool vibe with a slatted wood floor overlay outside the shower. linoleum is scratch resistant, fire resistant and water resistant, and has even been known to strengthen over time, earning the nickname “40-year floor.” Think of it as wood's equivalent of organic.

Most are then topped with a waterproof, washable cover. The covers . These baby floor mats for crawling are made of a foam interior covered in a waterproof exterior. If you want an organic floor mat that's more portable and can be easily customized to your space, then these baby floor play mats are the style for you.

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