building a timber deck on a slope

These will support the timber joists that hold the boards. Use a spirit level to make sure the deck gently slopes away from the house. For every metre of deck there should be a 10mm drop. If you have poor drainage or bad soil conditions, the joists should be supported on stronger concrete bases instead. Make these by 

Handling treated timber should always be done with googles & gloves; ensuring that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Keep children away from Top Tip: Using grooved boards which run down the slope of your build will help any rainwater to naturally drain from your decking surface. If these run across your 

Spacers let you run sleepers parallel to the house so decking can run perpendicular to the house (if that's what you prefer). A patio typically slopes away from the house so that water runs off. If you run sleepers parallel to the house and set them directly on the concrete, each sleeper will block runoff. But with spacers, water 

201 Deck Ideas and Designs for 2018 (Pictures). Metal RailingsWood Deck RailingHillside DeckWood Deck DesignsSloping BackyardBackyard DecksWooden DecksHouses On SlopesDeck Building Plans. Sturdy deck built on steeply sloping hillside with wood and metal railing (Wooden Step Porch) 

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