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Advances in the engineering of composite decking products make them resistant to rotting, fading from the sun, staining, and even mold. Many composites are engineered to be watertight, meaning the wood does not absorb water, even if submerged. While other decks can fade and splinter during inclement weather or 

Similar insides as capped composite (recycled plastic and wood), but no cap. The result is a solid piece of contiguous material, for easy drainage, affordability, and a natural look. Depending on the brand, composition and uses vary. is the only manufactured decking that can be regularly submerged with no 

For example, CorrectDeck, a wood-plastic composite decking manufacturer based in Biddeford, Maine, currently serves the East Coast to Virginia, some of California, and part of the Midwest, plus England and Japan. Gary Weinstein, the company marketing director, says times are "very, very good," and 

Capped composite requires minimal maintenance and is scratch and slip resistant. Composite: Composite decking is made to look like real wood. It is a solid piece of material that is made from a mix of wood and recycled HDPE. composite can be submerged in water without degrading.

One extreme example of moisture resistance is composite decking installed on a submerged canoe and kayak launch at the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park on Florida's Rainbow River. The 15-foot section of the ramp that goes into the river stays underwater year-round, yet the decking remains strong and good looking, unlike 

Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) are increasingly a material of choice for demanding exposures, including docks, beachfront decks, and submerged access ramps. Many manufacturers across North America produce composite decking; quality varies greatly. In the past few years, choosing an appropriate 

composite decking surrounded by lush plant life When the less demanding plastic-composite decking appeared on the scene in the 1990s, homeowners happily adopted it, despite the higher price and limited color selection (gray). A decade later, as . Highlight: Absorbs almost no water, even if submerged. Scalloped 

Whether you have a Redwood, Cedar, Mahogany, or an exotic wood or a composite deck understanding these basics will help you maintain you decks in the future. . Wood that is continuously water soaked, ( as when submerged) or is continuously dry (i.e. with a moisture content of 20 percent or less) will not decay.

Composite decking is an alternative to all-wood decking and is made of materials that can include recycled and new plastic, bamboo, and wood fibers. to the decking surfaces. It can also be exposed to and even submerged in salt and fresh water without deteriorating. History: The company was formed in 

Permadeck Composite Decking Frequently Asked Questions Find out about Plastic Composite Wood Decking. than natural timber. However, it should be noted that PERMADECK is not designed to be permanently submerged as this could eventually lead to moisture absorption and could cause the product to swell.

Composite decking for architects: Seventrust decking combines the natural beauty of real timber with the high performance of our unique wood-free material. Salt water will have no known ill effects on Seventrust decking and if need be Seventrust can live submerged. Can you use composite decking for load 

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