Exterior Deck Moisture Proofing

Pick Up Today. Your Store Change. Top Filters. Substrate Surface Use Type. Composite Vinyl (4) · Composite (1) · Concrete Brick Masonry Stone (173) · Metal (10) · Plastic (2) · Wood (111). Paint Stain Waterproofer Product Type. Concrete Waterproofer Sealer (69) · Conditioners (3) · Deck (160) · Exterior Home & Trim (3).

These include Wood Based Decks or Concrete Decks, deck restoration systems, recoating systems and under-tile waterproofing waterproofing systems. They are used in .. Deck should be constructed of exterior grade plywood, 3 4" minimum thickness, tongue and groove, knot free on outside face. Plywood should be 

The water most likely entered through cracked grout joints or on the perimeters. If the deck is in a cold climate, the moisture freezes, expands, and causes tiles to erupt. Still, a failure in the tile installation does not mean a failure in the waterproofing system. If the membrane is intact and performing its function 

Waterproofing Your Deck. Why Waterproof? Sealing Products & Costs; DIY Cost Considerations. Deck Refinishing. Labor Costs. Cleaning & Sanding a Deck . One of the most recognizable names in waterproofing and other exterior wood care, Thompson's WaterSeal is also noted for preserving the decks at Niagara Falls.

Oil- or water-based? Deck finishes are either oil- or water-based. Which you choose depends on your priorities. According to Mark Knaebe, a chemist with the U.S. Lightly pigmented and semitransparent finishes add color to the deck while allowing some of the grain to show through; they also form an effective UV barrier.

My company specializes in repairing and waterproofing failed balconies, stairs, and roof decks, so I see on a near-daily basis the results of water On the other hand, sawn tapered joists may be necessary to preserve height differences between interior and exterior floor levels, in which case I again 

Water infiltration at exterior decks and stairways is often extremely problematic. Most often the problem is related to the detail work at the walls and transitions that is built into the original construction of the building. The underlying wall waterproofing will not be correctly integrated into the deck waterproofing. All too often we 

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