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Where there is a large overhang, the boards protected by it will weather more slowly than the unprotected surface lower down; in a short time there will be an unattractive line where the timber changes colour, which is almost impossible to eradicate. So timber board walls should be detailed to have minimal 

Are you a responsible citizen concerned with the environment and looking for green & eco-friendly siding? Choosing the best sustainable siding is not always clear cut and dry to say the least. While at face value a material like wood siding would seem to be the most green, in reality it may not always be the case.

Hyperion wood-polymer composite cladding (WPC Cladding) is made from 60% recycled wood (FSC 100% Certified) and 40% recycled High Density Polyethylene, environmentally gentle bonding agent, additives and tint. Saving these materials from landfill, giving them value and recycling them into a long life product, 

Recycled paper faces. · Effective integrated walling system self supporting internally without studs. · Only 75mm thick. · Fire rated. · Ready to paint. · Cost-effective. Against: · Unconventional. Brick Wall. For: · Extreme durability and low maintenance. · Excellent thermal mass reservoir if used in appropriate location and in 

Suppliers of Specialist and Low Maintenance Building Products. Wall Panels & Flooring - choose from a wide selection of Waterproof Decorative Shower Wall Panels and Waterproof Laminate Flooring products. Sealants & Adhesives - Choose from Ral Coloured Silicones, Bathroom & Shower Sealant, High Temperature 

As well as bringing a stylish aesthetic to your home, low-maintenance cladding could provide a fit-and-forget solution that requires little ongoing upkeep. Monterey pine, Kebony is another chemically-modified option that undergoes an eco-friendly process to boost its durability and dimensional stability.

Interior designers use them for internal partitions, wall paneling, cabinets and furniture making. But, these conventional materials are not exactly environment friendly. Instead, the options can include low or non toxic engineered wood boards, synthetic gypsum boards or cement particle and fibre cement 

With recycled timber as its major component, MgO Board provides a significantly more sustainable solution in comparison to alternative products. Grand Design's Kevin McCloud nominated MgO as one of his 10 'green heroes' of 2011, for its ability to absorb CO2 during its manufacture. Although MgO Board is a relatively 

Magna board is a "low tech" and "energy friendly" product. Magna board production is simple, energy efficient, and produces extremely few "greenhouse" gases The manufacturing process of Magna board is eco friendly. Unlike, for example, the gypsum based drywalls that produce thousands of tons of green house gases 

Insulation being applied to rammed earth walls in an Adelaide Hills project. Double brick — High embodied energy, high thermal mass, requires cavity insulation. Highly durable on stable soil types. Low maintenance (if unpainted). Can be crushed and recycled as decorative gravel or road base but recycling and reuse 

Made from a unique combination of recycled wood and plastic, our highly developed and unique composition combines the traditional appearance of wood with the Made from hard-wearing and low-maintenance composite timber, Dura Cladding is available in Flush styles in widths from 150mm to 250mm, and in a 

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