trinidad forestry types of wood fences

Sitka spruce is perhaps the most resistant of the common species planted in Irish forests, having a vigorous growth habit and strong sharp needles. stripping is a frequent occurrence where deer numbers are high causing damage to the wood quality in the lower trunk which is the most valuable part of the tree. FENCING.

wood for stakes because of its suitability for use with the 'Drivall' and its general ease of hand ling. The most suitable sizes of material for each type of fence are given on pages 6-11. Gateways should be kept to a minimum and wherever possible gates should be hung on posts that are independent of the straining posts.

18. Joining retaining wires on straining post assemblies. 18. Joining rolls of rectangular or welded mesh netting. 20. Securing line wires and all types of netting to wooden posts. 20. Fixing netting to line wires. 20. Fixing marking materials in woodland grouse locations. 21. 6. Special situations: adjustments to specifications.

such variables as growing stock, wood and non-wood products, carbon, protected areas, use of forests for recreation and other . Forest Resource Inventory and. Management Section Inventory of the indigenous Forests of Trinidad and Tobago. 1980. Government of Trinidad and. Tobago. H. Forest cover, forest type.

Map 1-1 Trinidad and Tobago Forest Types. Map 2-1 Table 1.1 Estimates of Sizes of Forested Areas in Trinidad and Tobago (Forestry. Division .. 3 were from private lands. Sawn wood production (Fig. 2.1) has increased from 20,000 m. 3 in 1986 to approximately 60,000 m. 3 in 1995 with a peak of 80,000 m. 3 in 1989.

timbers are available in the Caribbean forests; many of them are qualified for the uses filled by imported timbers, yet the intra-Caribbean trade in this commodity is limited to a few species. The present wood consumption in a large part of the region consists mainly of imported softwood (co- niferous) species for construction 

Table 13 Major intermediate and final demand for domestic wood (2000) (TTD million) . 32 The total forested area of Trinidad and Tobago comprises 35 per cent productive type forest and 65 per cent .. leaves, firewood, Rods & Pickets, Mamoo Vines, Teak Stakes, firewood and many others. 4.10 Protected 

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