decking material options in south africa

Decking Structure: Foundation. The installation and initial structure of the deck is the most important aspect of achieving the results you desire. And at Best Deck, we do everything we can to facilitate the installation process. There are multiple options for the structure of a deck, and we suggest you either 

Both range options are available in a variety of colours, finishes and dimensions, to cater for your style and specific application. At the heart of all Eva-Last composite boards is a fusion of two tenacious materials; recycled high-density polyethylene and FSC approved bamboo fibers form the foundation of our products.

Not surprisingly good timber decking has become a popular addition to many South African homes; transforming bland spaces into practical and stylish outdoor amenities. Because timber is so versatile, practically any shape, size and colour is possible, which means you can design one to suit your individual taste or budget 

MazoWood is a supplier, installer and offers restoration (sanding & sealing) services for all kinds of hardwood flooring and decking. We stock Rhodesian Teak, Oregon Pine, & Oak.

The pure wood appearance of these decks fuses well with any outdoor area. In addition to this the versatility of this material makes it well suited for both outdoors and indoors and throughout all seasons. As a result of this versatility the wood deck has become a popular option in South Africa. deciding on a 

Here in South Africa there are now a number of sustainable materials that can be used for building a deck. An interesting addition to the options available for anyone wanting to build a deck, cocowood or coconut timber is a hardwood alternative that is harvested from coconut palms that no longer produce fruit.

Suitable deck materials available In Cape Town includes:- Balau, Chamfuta, , Ekki,Garapa, , Iroko, Jarrah, Macaranduba, Purple Heart, Zambian Teak, Zimbabwe Teak and more. Many composite materials has become available in South Africa the last couple of years and it is a minefield as very few of them have 

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