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All about engineered wood floors and what you need to know before buying any engineered hardwood flooring. This truism is most applicable towards the less costly engineered flooring that you will undoubtedly find at liquidators, home centers and discounter warehouses. These cheaper engineered floors are usually 

Discover the simplest, easiest way to install your engineered floor.

Before installing a floating engineered hardwood floor, follow the same preparation steps mentioned above, including underlayment and laying out spacers to maintain the expansion gap specified by the Install the first row using wood glue on all plank ends, arranged with the tongue facing the center of the room.

Engineered hardwood floors are green much more environmentally friendly and less expensive than solid floors because less of the tree is used. The veneer is only a Engineered hardwood has a layer of real wood veneer on the surface and a composite base layer underneath that supports the surface. This composite 

North America is the only area left where traditional, solid wood floors still outnumber engineered floors, but engineered wood flooring is quickly catching up, with the rate into more modern iterations, such as laminate flooring, which consists of melamine-infused paper as its upper layer, and wood-chip composite beneath.

Engineered Vinyl Plank, EVP, Engineered Vinyl or Vinyl Composite Core floor is similar to Engineered Hardwood Floor, with a HD core and top layer of vinyl.

Learn about the different benefits of engineered hardwood flooring vs bamboo flooring. Weigh the qualities of each before you make your flooring decision.

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While an engineered floor may cope better with moisture than a solid one, this does not mean it can be allowed to get soaking wet. When cleaning the floor only limited amounts of water should be used, so a mop should be slightly damp rather than dripping wet. Similarly, standing water should not be left on the surface.

Composite wood floors have multiple layers of wood that are stacked on top of each other and glued together with heat and high pressure. The floors have a core layer in the center of the engineered wood panel, and a harder top layer designed to resist pressure and damage caused by high traffic. Installation contractors 

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