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The four pavilions of the Naked Gallery resort in China were built using a combination of locally available natural and recycled waste materials. Xiaohui Designer Studio designed the complex as an eco-friendly space that “includes 75% of sustainable and renewable materials, 75% recyclable materials, 

Residents sift through the debris at Easton's Beach in Newport after the Hurricane of 1938 pounded the island. The raging winds picked up the huge pavilion at private Bailey's Beach and deposited it on Ocean Drive. The program has mapped coastal zones and rated them for flooding potential.

Hurricane Package. Gazebo Depot opened it's 1st store in Palm Beach County, Florida in 1999, so we believe that we are experts in how to design our Structures to withstand Hurricane force winds up to170mph. With the help of our engineering dept, we have Licensed Structural Engineers for every State that we work with 

With Hurricane Irma safely out of the state, most Floridians have returned home, but many residents have found devastating property damage and flooded streets. Pictured above, a woman suntans amongst debris on Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on Tuesday after Hurricane Irma passed the area.

Hurricane Resistance. Deltec's round homes are designed to work with nature, rather than against it. Our homes have stood against some of the most detrimental storms in history including direct hits from Hurricanes Maria, Irma, Harvey, Sandy, Katrina, Hugo, Ivan and Charley. While nothing can be 100% completely 

One of many on-ride point of view coaster video's I have filmed and collected over years of coaster tours around the world (this one 2004). Video is only tak

The Palm Pavilion is a 92-year-old wooden structure that sits right on the sand at Clearwater Beach. It has hurricane-proof windows and slats in the wood floors that have seen water rise up through it before. "That old girl has been through a lot in 92 years," Hamilton said. "This isn't our first rodeo." Hamilton 

Designed to withstand the strongest hurricanes and last for generations, the homes at Alys Beach are built to meet the highest standards of the Institute for Business concrete and masonry, roofs are grouted cement tile, and windows and doors exceed the requirements of the Florida Building Code for hurricane resistance.

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Rated: 0 out of 5 (0 votes). Hurricane closed at the end of the 2006 season when the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Park closed forever. Its final day of operation was September 30, 2006. Myrtle Beach's Hurricane captures the essence of an out & back wooden coaster with its great runs of bunny hills and speed, while reminding 

Miami-Dade County provides pet friendly shelters at the Sunshine Pavilion at the County Fairground and at Highland Oaks Middle School in North Miami Beach. Pre-registration is required by calling the Miami Date Animal Services Department. Residents may call 311. Hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs till 

The lower portions of the project use flood-resistant materials and avoid the use of sheetrock or carpet.

In the summer of 2013, R. C. and Valari Staab were searching for a rental at the beach as an escape from their apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with a few requirements in mind. “It had to be close to the city, accessible by public transportation, and the public transportation had to allow you to 

Will hurricane-resistant windows hold up to Hurricane Irma's winds, now hovering at 185 mph?

An elegant modern addition to a traditional beach house, renovated by SYA years earlier, forms a dramatic backdrop to a 66' long infinity pool and creates an expansive outdoor gathering space for family and guests. The pavilion is raised above hurricane flood level and finished beneath to provide shaded living spaces 

Municipal garages will be opening up all over the county once a tropical storm warning, hurricane warning, or evacuation order has been issued. If you're a Miami Beach resident, you can park your car in a municipal garage. Call the Miami Beach Parking Department at 305-673-7505 to verify which 

Florida Keys (Monroe County) No shelters will be open anywhere in the Florida Keys for a Category 3-5 hurricane. Main shelter: Monroe County residents and their pets can seek public shelter at the E Darwin Fuchs Pavilion located at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, 10901 SW 24th St., Miami, 

It was just a few blocks down from another Myrtle Beach amusement park, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park; both in the "heart" of Myrtle Beach. "The Pavilion” had well over 40 different attractions for kids and thrill-seekers alike, and included the wooden rollercoaster Hurricane: Category 5. Despite all the best efforts 

Looking for statistics on the fastest, tallest or longest roller coasters? Find it all and much more with the interactive Roller Coaster Database.

2009 Miami-Dade Hurricane Evacuation Bus Pickup Sites Plan how you will secure your property, assemble your disaster kit, and where you will ride out the storm before hurricane season begins. Develop your disaster plan and Get a laminated card with proof of current vaccinations from your veterinarian. Ask your vet 

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