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With the advent of low impedance fence chargers, electric fencing has become a practical, reliable solution for horse farms seeking both permanent and temporary solutions. Not only does it keep horses from escaping, it allows stables the flexibility to manage the boundaries of their pastures according to 

The CenFlex 5" Rail Horse Fencing is the more cost effective of the two premier non-conductive horse fencing rails that Centaur offers. Very high quality fence.

Treated wood posts offer superior strength while fiberglass posts offer visibility and flexibility. The use of steel T posts should be avoided as they can easily ground an electric fence and offer a hazard to horses should they rear up near them. Centaur Horse Fence Centaur high tensile polymer horse fence utilizes the strength 

three major factors to consider when building a horse farm are: cost, flexibility, and accessibility; when considering cost, it should be remembered that well it used to be said that a good fence was strong enough to hold a bull, tight enough to hold a hog, and high enough to hold a horse (although nothing holds a goat) 

Flex Fence by RAMM is one of our vinyl horse fencing products, which uses high tensile wire making it one of the strongest flexible horse fencing systems on the RAMM's exclusive 5.25" Plus Flex Fence will provide you with a prestigious white board fence appearance with safety and flexibility in mind for your horses 

The energiser you choose depends on many variables, including the type of animal being controlled, the length of the fence, its location, and even the climate (wet climates can The more aggressive the horse, the more higher the shock must be to discourage them so generally higher joule energisers are recommended.

consider. There is no ideal fence for all horse owners or farms. Fence selection will likely vary according to individual needs or the potential uses around the farm. Planning. high tensile wire; D, high tensile rope; E, electric wire; and F, temporary. Safety. climates may not be advisable in others. Check manufacturers' 

They provide high visibility and their flexibility makes them easier to move from one location to another, but they do not provide the strength needed for long-term use. Electric fences are very effective in controlling horses once the horse has encountered the fence, but good visibility is 

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