bench made out of recycled bottle caps

Each 6 foot bench is made from 400 pounds of recycled plastic. Please contact Jan for the drop off of the caps.

everyone's help in collecting plastic bottle caps. They can be from bottled water to laundry detergent caps — as long as there is no metal. But no restaurant take-out lids, please. As a community project, we are collecting caps and can exchange (with some $$) for a durable park bench made by Green Tree 

When they are recycled plastic bags and wraps can made into plastic lumber that is used to make park benches, backyard decks and fences even playground equipment. They also can be recycled into new plastic bags and then recycled again. Check out this web site that talks about recycling plastic bags and find out 

overflow, that non-plastic recyclables and contaminants are kept out and to keep the outlying collection area picked up and free of litter. 4. Decide who will: (1) transport the 400 lbs. of plastic lids caps to Green Tree Plastics. (Evansville, IN) and (2) pick up the 6 ft. bench (weighing 375 lbs) to bring back to your school.

As long as we continue to have youth & college student volunteers, we will continue keeping plastic caps lids out of a landfill and recycle them into benches for our community. Phase One (PetSafe Bark Park) 13 Benches, Two 8' ADA Ozark Tables, 3 Trash Receptacles. Phase Two (JDCF) 2 benches. Phase Three (P.A.W.S) 

The benches, originally made with wood planks, needed constant maintenance. As word got out that the school was recycling bottle caps, the community started pitching in. Retirement homes, supermarkets, restaurants, other schools, the local hospital all delivered or mailed bottle caps to the school.

The duo urged Bzura to pursue the recycling program in Taylor, he thought it was worthwhile and it didn't take long for the idea to take off. In the first year, Bzura and his team have collected thousands of pounds of bottle caps, delivered them in rental trucks to Evansville and received 10 benches from Green 

I worked with over 60 girls from Primary 7 and Senior 4 on a project about waste awareness and reduction. Day one was getting to know each other, recycled paper making, creating decorative flowers out of plastic bottles and sharing ideas. It was decided we would make a bench to demonstrate the sustainable building 

In the bath, the plastic flakes will float at different depths depending upon their chemical makeup. Then, through skimming and draining, the individual plastic types can be harvested, dried, and sold to manufacturers to make new items, like toys, planters, and benches. Pro Tip: To ensure caps don't pop off during the 

An Evansville business shows why some plastics that are normally thrown out are just as valuable. Rae Ann "Well in the past everyone has been told to throw away the cap the reason the system we have is set up to recycle those bottles". 400 lbs of plastic lids and caps -that's what this factory uses to make one bench.

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Hi, I'm Claire, and I'd like to talk to you about bottle caps. I bet you are staring at this and saying to yourself, “What? Why bottle caps?” Do you wonder what could be so important about bottle caps? Keep reading! My school is collecting plastic bottle caps to make a bench. It would be nice for our school to 

Plastic bottle caps for benches project at Teays Valley High School.

HOW TO SUPPORT A SUSTAINABLE YOUTH PROJECT: Recycle Plastic to Make Elkhart County 4-H Fair Benches. by Michael Telschow. My wife is part of the Elkhart County Master Gardener's Club. She recently started collecting our plastic bottle caps and lids for recycling. I was curious and asked why 

New PURPLE flyers; revised public drop-off sites; and we look forward to putting A LOT MORE of these wonderfully colorful benches around our community. We appreciate the continued support as we strive to keep all the plastic bottle caps lids out of a landfill and put them into BENCHES! KEEP COLLECTING WE ARE 

Also, that special “someone” who is responsible for mentoring them should be the one to fill out and sign the registration form indicating the name of the group to be involved. Please go to the top of this page or go to our Downloads menu to print a copy of the ABC partnership packet, items list, acceptable caps list, and 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Green Tree Plastics, LLC, manufactures recycled plastic products using 100% recycled plastics, no hazardous chemicals, non-organic fillers, non-organic color concentrates. golf course trash receptacle to match benches with extra capacity to hold gallon drinking-water bottle and cups.

Lake County Solid Waste Management District's Cap-A-Thon program promotes recycline plastic bottle caps.

Green Tree Plastics, Evansville, IN Bench for Caps How does “A Bench for Caps” work?? Sign your group up on the Green Tree Plastics web site (must involve children); Collect plastic caps; Trade them in for a recycled bench or picnic table. Arrive with 400 lbs. of plastic & $200, Take home a 6′ assembled bench. Step by 

As I write there is a Sunami of plastic gathering at every recycle center in America, and there is no good place for it to go. Well, Green Tree Plastics has a children's program that helps keep some of that plastic out of the landfills. . A third grader started collecting bottle caps to get buddy benches made for her school.

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