cheaps way to cover a cement floors

Painting a concrete floor, a relative cheap and easy way to add design on a tight budget.

You want a floor that's attractive, durable -- and cheap. No matter what Paint is generally your cheapest basement floor option. Use a good quality It is longer-lasting than paint because it soaks into the concrete rather than just coating the surface, but stain will not hide cracks and blemishes in the floor. Most concrete 

stain concrete floors DIY stain concrete stain concrete slab stain basement floor . I love finding alternative ways to makes my home look pretty that are affordable. The normal floor options like wood or tile would have cost a fortune. Even the cheapest tile would have cost close to $200 for this room.

You probably can't tell with the dirty, dirty floors,but our concrete was actually a smooth surface. If you have a rough That way I didn't have to worry about painting around the lockers, and I had a nice open space to work in. Here were the tools I used, Paint Roller covers (low nap), $5. Small craft brushes 

Tile is a slam-dunk in basements, due to its unmatched durability and moisture-resistance. It can withstand floods and all manners of abuse. And it can go directly over concrete in many cases. Since you're looking at cheap basement flooring options, your choices largely will be limited to glazed ceramic tile, 

The space is small and a low-traffic area. The materials are a bargain, so if it failed it wasn't too great of a loss. Plus, if it was a disaster, I could cover it with tile or hardwood and hide the evidence. So I gathered the materials and went for it! DIY Concrete Floors — Easy & Inexpensive! Design Mom. Would you like to see how 

Various kinds of floor coverings are retailed in the home-improvement home-dcor market. surface among domestic spaces. Hence, it is vital to understand the compatibility of different floor coverings with concrete floors. Carpeting is cheap too, but it cannot be used for covering the entire household. Carpeted floors need 

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