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This treated wood contains a superior fire retardant chemical that remains stable in high temperature environments. And does not increase the corrosivity of metal hardware in contact with the wood. The use of Dricon FRT wood can result in greater safety, reduced insurance rates, and overcoming building 

Fire Poly FP 100 interior exterior high intumescent fire retardant coating for wood, plywood, timbers, OSB, I-Joists - clear coat. Fire Poly FP 75E exterior fire retardant coating, penetrant for wood, plywood, timbers, decks, balconies. Fire Poly FP 75I interior fire retardant coating, penetrant for wood, OSB, MDF,plywood.

with SFM-4 “Deck Test Standard” (Part A) and conforms to ASTM E-84 Class. B flame spread it can be used in all fire hazard severity zones without restric- tion. Construction Common or better grades of redwood meet both of these criteria without the need for costly fire retardant treatment. Decking materials not meeting both 

Wood pressure treated with FRX fire retardant is code-compliant and has been issued an evaluation report (ESR-1159) by International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Services. It is suitable for permanent and temporary exterior construction such as decks, balconies, stairways, roof coverings, canopies and awnings, store 

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