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If you'd like to use your rooftop deck all year long, some shelter from the elements may be called for. You have a few options here: you can go with an attachable awning purchased from an outdoor supply store, or build one for yourself as a DIY project. Or you can opt for a screened-in or open roof. Expect to spend 

Bob watches the ongoing installation of the roof deck, which is being built woth a sustainable tropical hardwood decking called .

Anyone have a roof deck or build roof decks? I'd like to invest in one - what should I do, and what am I missing? My girlfriend and I just moved into a brownstone apartment on the west side of Manhattan, with access to a fantastic outdoor roof space. The only problem is that the roof surface itself is kind of old 

Rooftops offer great opportunities for creating attractive entertaining or relaxing areas, but this useful space is so often wasted. Building a rooftop deck on an existing building is often seen as expensive, time-consuming and very difficult. But it needn't be that way. There's a number of excellent options that don't involve 

Building A Roof Deck Step by step instructions I Best Practices I Unique Downspout Solution I Rot Resistant Techniques I Railing and Baluster System.

A lot of decks are essentially raised patios. Other than the convenience of walking out of the second floor of your home out onto your deck, one of the best reasons to build a deck is the view. You don't get any better views than the ones from your roof. Whether it's city skylines or the hilly countryside, sunsets or sunrises, 

When I started building urban decks, I saw them as a way to earn money to support my passion for woodworking. “This will be easy,” I thought. “I'll just build a deck now and then, and with all the money I make I'll take time to build furniture.” Then came payroll, taxes, worker's comp, liability insurance, shop 

A deck is a way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors. There are many ways to add a deck to your home and many locations where you can put one, but one of the attractive options, especially if you have a small yard, is a roof deck. Adding a roof deck has some advantages over simply building a second-story deck, but first you 

Rooftop decks aren't new, in fact, many homes, especially Craftsman-era ones built on the West Coast included them as sunlight and fresh air were seen as part of a healthy routine, said Leonard Miller, regional president of Richmond American, a subsidiary of Denver-based MDC Holdings Inc. US:MDC 

Flat roofs are incredibly versatile, and many homeowners choose to transform their flat roof sections into roof decks. Depending on the home's location and climate, a roof deck can be a fantastic addition to a home, adding utility and increasing property value. If you're considering building a roof deck, there 

Al Terry Design and Construction is one of New York's premiere builders of roof decks and garden environments. With more than 15 years of experience in fine wood working and garden design, we are able to offer clients the highest standards of craftsmanship and service.

Building a deck on a flat roof is neither difficult nor time consuming. Two people can install a brand new deck in a weekend, with little or no previous construction experience. Before beginning, however, it is important to do two things: inspect the roof to make sure it is in good condition, and acquire any permits that may be 

There are horror stories of months-long wait times to secure a roof-deck permit in Washington—and of illegal monstrosities erected by less-than-considerate neighbors. But building a retreat among the trees doesn't have to end in tears or community battles. Leila Harrington, a remodeler, real-estate agent, 

Rooftop Deck & Porch construction details & procedures. Rooftop Deck Construction Materials Choices. Rooftop Deck Railings, Code Requirements, Safety. Roofing material recommendations below walk-on rooftop decks or porches; POST a QUESTION or READ FAQs about how to build a walk-on rooftop deck 

1 Nov 1993 Contributing editor Scott McBride responds: The easiest and least-expensive way to roof over a flat, sheathed deck is to use double-coverage roll roofing. But first, the roof deck should be built with some pitch away from the house—at least 1 4 in. per ft. Manufacturers of roll roofing recommend at least 1 in.

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