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Decking, Joinery, Staircases; External Structures, Outdoor Furniture, General Construction, Merbau takes well to paint, stain and polish, however the finish can sometimes be affected by gum bleed-through or oily patches. Its vessels also Merbau tends to split unless pre-drilled, but holds fastenings well. Will bleed 

Often by spending a little more at the beginning you can save both time and effort over the long term keeping up the appearance of the deck. Radiata Pine (softwood) and Merbau (hardwood) are the most common species found but other hardwoods end of the board and pre-drilling is recommended to prevent splitting.

Fastening timber and composite decking to either timber or steel joists can be a challenge. There are a number of potential issues with timber and composite decking materials that need consideration when selecting an appropriate fastener. This type of screw can drill through soft and hard materials, form threads in steel,.

The SMART-BIT is a combination tool that simply and easily pre-drills and countersinks decking screws for hardwood, softwood and composite materials. Often used with hardwood timber such as Merbau, the quick, one step motion pre-drills your decking screws, and provides a neat countersink free of chipped, furry edges.

Quick example of drilling through Jarrah [native hardwood in Western Australia] into treated pine. Find the system a little tedious with Jarrah, tends to crack the wood very easily, so you really need to moderate the pressure on the drill and take it fairly slowly until its through. This is especially the case on the Buy the Best Screws in the Market for your Decking or any Hardwood Fixing - NO PRE DRILLING REQUIRED Buy it from

Look for screws with self-drilling points. This type of screw does a pretty good job of drilling through rather than splitting the wood. Even with drill-point screws, I'd recommend predrilling the ends of boards, which are prone to splitting. If you're willing to devote the time, you'll find that predrilling decking for all of the screws will 

Product Description. Wurth. We are commonly asked in store over the counter, “but which one is the best decking screw…?” This is the only answer we ever give. The Amazing Self Drilling, Self Embedding, Self countersinking Wurth Decking Screw! Tradies and DIY alike are often sceptical about not predrilling (we still 

For hardwood (eg merbau, black butt, ash etc), screws are really the only way to go. The biggest problem with nails is that when the The S S nails are not that much more expensive, if your chippie is any good he will pre-drill and then just fire them in with a nail gun. If the nails are the correct shape , with 

Im Using 90 x 19mm Merbau decking and the maximum joist spacing or decking can span between each joist is 450mm. We have simply marked on the ground where each battern will be laid. Make sure when using timber outside that the timber is either Treated Pine or hardwood. Im using Treated Pine 70 

For fastening timber decking (12mm to 22mm thick) to steel joists between 1.2mm & 2.4mm thick and HRS 1.5mm to 3.0mm thick. No need to pre-drill or countersink - reduces installation time and can be installed at the ends of decking without the timber splitting! Stainless Steel Grade 304 finish to provide ultimate corrosion 

Decking not only adds value to a home, it's easy to care for and will help to increase the amount of usable space within a garden. Treated Pine and Cypress are light coloured timbers, Merbau is dark red, Spotted Gum varies from cream to brown to red colourings, Blackbutt and Yellow stringy bark are 

Its great that people can ask their problems in the forum and get answers from those that have solved that same problem as well and even get some insight from . Merbau is a stable timber and is resistant to warping etc. There are drill bits which pre-drill and countersink a hole for you, screw the screw in and you're done.

Often used with hardwood timber such as Merbau, the quick, one step motion pre-drills your decking screws, and provides a neat countersink free of chipped, furry edges. 10 Gauge SMART-BIT Pre-Drill Countersink Tool With 2 Replacement Drill Bits. eBay!

Pre-Drilling. Drill a pilot or countersunk hole then drill holes to facilitate the decking screws. This will assist in reducing the stress the decking will experience during seasonal One downside is that Merbau has a natural tannin that will bleed out and stain exposed concrete, brickwork etc., very hard to remove as well.

Greendale Timbers Ph 9905 0400 The Merbau Decking specialist, Stainless Steel Decking Screws, Merbau Decking Sydney, Merbau Screening, Merbau Decking Cutting and drilling merbau requires little effort 140x25 merbau decking Merbau will grey if left untreated, not recommended but may be the look you desire.

Self drilling screws pretty much cut the whole pre-drill part of the process out. They're not as cheap as a normal fixing screw but the labour cost savings far outweigh any initial expense. They work in all types of hardwood decks, merbau and treated pine. The feedback our builders have given us has been a 

They can be driven straight into the decking boards using an impact driver and a star driver bit. Anchormark deck screws: Anchormark A2 304 stainless steel screws are 5.5 x 60mm and come in a tub of 1000 screws. They also require no pre-drilling or countersinking and have a nice dome head with a star 

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