5 feet deer fence height

No matter how tall your fence is, what you do at ground level to exclude the deer is just as important. Deer I used 6-foot posts between each piece of picket fencing (detail, above), and strung the poly mesh reinforced with high-tensile wire (not electrified) to reinforce the top. .. February 1, 2015 at 5:47 am.

The first thing I did after laying out the garden was to put up a 6-foot deer fence. It's kept the deer out so far, but the proprietor of the local produce garden stand told me yesterday he'd heard that a 7-foot fence was necessary. H My fence is 5 feet tall and no deer have jumped it in 8 years. Knock wood.

I know that official recommendations are for 8-10 foot tall fence. However, I'm wondering if that is necessary for a smaller garden size, like 10'x10' or 16'x16'. I know that deer don't like jumping into small enclosures - has anyone had success with a 4, 5, or 6 foot fence for smaller size gardens? Thanks!!

Constructing our deer fence was our major project in the summer of 2015. After a tremendous Ultimately, any fence of moderate strength that is tall enough should be effective in excluding deer. What's tall He went on to add that they were known to clear a 5 foot fence when in a drought. We chose the 

For many vegetable gardeners, it is crucial to have a plan for keeping deer out of the garden. Discover tips for keeping deer away from your plants.

Electric deer barriers act on the animal's brain, not its body. Thus the best fence may fail if it is installed at the wrong time on the wrong site and managed without an awareness of how a deer herd interacts with your area and the new fence. The only sure deer barrier is a woven wire fence or brick wall 8-10 ft. tall. All other 

Deer droppings. Foliage bitten off by a mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus. This wire mesh fence is over 8 feet tall to exclude deer from the adjacent orchard. . For example, young fruit or nut trees in a home orchard can be individually fenced until primary branches grow above the deer's reach, usually 5 to 7 feet above the 

Double Fence: Two fences spaced a few feet apart, regardless of height, can also work. The deer won't like being caught between the fences, so they will avoid attempting the jump. You can also do this with two rows of electric fencing set about 3' apart. Electric Fence: If you're able to maintain it, an electric fence can be a 

A typical North American deer can clear a six-foot fence, if they are sufficiently motivated. An eight-foot fence should keep even the most determined deer, moose or elk out of your garden. Talk to your local planning commission or check online for any zoning requirements for building codes that may limit 

A variation can be used to convert a shorter upright fence. Merely add additional height to posts, and string more fencing or additional strands of wire between them. If the fence is about five feet high, you may also add additions to the posts parallel to the ground and on the outside of the fence. Add strands of wire between 

8 feet (requires12 ft. posts). Woven Wire: 14 78 12, hinged joint. 14 horizontal wires. 78 inch height. 12 inch spaced vertical wires. Top Wires: 2 single strands spaced 9 9 inches. TWO PIECE WOVEN WIRE DESIGN. An alternative to the fence designs discussed here is the use of two pieces of 4 foot high woven wire.

Multiple line electric fences and 8- to 10-foot tall wooden deer proof garden fences are better options for high populations but more time consuming and costly. Learn how to build a deer fences are simple to erect. Once you have the wire installed, run it to posts set into concrete at intervals of about 5 feet.

Adult deer in good condition can actually jump a 76 inch fence but generally do so only when chased. This height has been used by hundreds of gardeners with great success. Use wooden posts of at least 9 1 2 feet in length and at least 5 inches in diameter at the top for corners. Wooden posts with 3 inch top diameter.

Durable fences. There are different styles of durable fences that work well to keep deer out. A standard deer fence (Figure 1) should have a minimum height of 8 feet. Deer usually won't jump when they can't see the other side, so, if the fence is solid, then a 5-foot fence is high enough (Figure 2). Figure 1. A vertical deer 

Very hungry deer have even been known to jump 8 foot fences. The reports are few and far between. Most hungry and scared deer will usually go around. The 8 foot tall fence has many less reported injuries than the 6 foot tall fence. This is a much safer height option for both your garden and the deer's 

Although the fence is 7.5 feet tall, once it is installed it stands at 7 feet. This height discrepancy happens because we recommend that you flare the bottom 6" of this type of deer fence to the ground and then toward the outside of the enclosure. The flared part of the fence is then staked tightly to the ground. This is done to 

Double fence layers work like a charm. Deer do not like to jump into enclosed spaces where they feel trapped. Because of this, a double fence can be an effective tool to prevent deer damage in the garden. Surround the exterior of your yard or garden with a four- to five-foot tall picket fence, then erect a second fence of the 

In many municipalities, six feet is the maximum height for a backyard fence, while a four foot fence may be used in front of your home. A reason for building an 8 foot fence, for example, might include owning property that's next to a commercial building or backing up to a wooded area that deer frequent.

In fact, the average white tail can jump over an obstacle that is not 5, 7, or 8 feet high but 12 or more feet high taller than virtually any barrier deer fence. makes white tail deer reluctant to jump high a reluctance that discourages them from vaulting even ordinary deer fencing at heights that typically range from 6 to 8 feet.

This deer jumped the fence into our backyard. We opened the gate, waiting hours for it to leave. Once the deer started coming dangerously close to the pool we decided to try to draw its attention to the gate. The deer, however, had other ideas. After the deer made its escape, we looked over the fence and it 

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