waterproof laminate flooring for basement

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Our highest recommendation goes to Vinyl Plank Flooring, which has advanced to have amazing wood looks. Vinyl plank flooring can be click-together, just like laminate, or Loose Lay, which makes installation, repair and plank replacement even easier. Both are 100% waterproof. If you have regularly 

Whether you're waterproofing a basement floor or simply looking to install a waterproof basement flooring product Home Flooring Pros has an option for you.

While laminate does a bit better than hardwood when it comes to moisture tests—primarily because there is so much glue holding the product together—it's the layer underneath the laminate that essentially self-destructs as soon as water touches it. For this reason alone, laminate it one of the worst flooring 

To start with, let's consider the worst options, such as basement carpet, solid wood and laminate flooring. Sure, basement Not only does it make a wet basement completely waterproof, adding a flair of dye for a tinted, stained or stamped look makes concrete look way more elegant than one would think.

If you choose one of these types of floating floors, look for materials that are waterproof or highly water resistant. And for the cork, engineered hardwood, and A good polyurethane seal will protect your engineered hardwoods, laminate, and luxury vinyl flooring. And many of these flooring options come 

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Laminate Basement Flooring Precautions. Choose the right materials: Most traditional laminates are made with a waterproof surface layer, a decorative layer, and then fiberboard backing. This backing is what is susceptible to moisture, and if it comes in contact with liquids it can warp, twist, rot, and start to 

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