can you plane an old decking board

Remove Old Decking. Removing the existing decking without destroying the joists underneath is perhaps the hardest part of this project. If the boards are secured with deck screws, unscrew them and lift the boards off. If the boards are nailed in place, make cuts with the circular saw -- parallel to the joists -- and pry the deck 

We'll show you how to replace old decking with low-maintenance composite materials and build a new “floating” landing at yard level that expands the deck in an If the wood is badly stained and you can't find any stamps, it may come to cutting a thin sliver off the end of some framing with a circular saw and looking at the 

I bought some wood off of craigslist. The fellow said it was redwood from a barn. I decided to restore it rather than using it with the aged look. The

But if it's time to replace the deck anyway, do take some precautions as you're working with both old and new PT lumber. Clean up and dispose of all debris through your municipality's trash collection. Never burn PT lumber: The smoke and ashes can contain toxic chemicals. Along with gloves and safety glasses, wear a 

If your boards are especially dirty and or weathered use of one of the commercial cleaning solutions and or 'deck brighteners', coupled with I'm trying to convince myself that purchasing a $500 thickness planer and planing 1 16" or 1 32" off the surface of the boards is a better use of funds than just buying 

Last summer a guy I know was going to be tearing an old deck of of his house and replacing it with a new one. . A drum sander would have been great and its a machine I would like to have for times like this but I am all ready a little more then half way through this wood so I will finish it with the hand plane.

After it is cut, lumber is dried, planed, and smoothed, all of which reduces its thickness and width. The nominal size of a board refers to the size before drying and planing; actual size means the size you actually get, and it's less than its nominal size in thickness and width. A very old, rough 2x4 may actually measure 2 inches 

Short vers: Is it feasible to revive an old merbau deck by taking up the boards and individually planing them? Longer vers: We recently extended an existing mer.

This water will then sit there between the overlay and the old deck board rather than running off, and dry out only very slowly when not raining,if at all. Therefore, I believe that you can expect rot in the deck timbers and quite likely mold and mildew as well ina couple of years, reducing the life of the original 

It still took multiple passes and the better part of two days to joint 500 board feet of white oak flat. With one side flat, I spent half the next day planing the lumber to its final thickness of 3 4 inch. I made a mountain of wood chips, which, by the way, make excellent mulch for blueberry bushes. Now that I could 

How to Clean and Restore a Weathered Deck - Duration: 1:53. Ron Hazelton 397,637 views · 1:53. Video 4 Do I need to sand my deck? - Duration: 5:35. CUTEK Professional Wood Care 140,491 views · 5:35 · Planing Pallet Wood - Duration: 3:35. OneEyedAnnie 58,856 views · 3:35. Using Planer, reusing 

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