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The other thing to mention here is that all composite companies have switched to a plastic capped board. That means the core is a mixture of wood flour and plastic but the surface of the board is basically pure plastic that is bonded to the outside of the board to give a colorfast, scratch resistant, and more vibrant, realistic 

Early-generation composite decking ( Origins , Accents , Profiles , Brasilia and Contours ) represented a breakthrough for low-maintenance and durability. While wood decking inevitably suffered splinters, warping and rotting, and required considerable maintenance, early-generation  

“These were big, excitable dogs, and the deck looked just fine.” PVC-capped composites such as 's XLM line tend to be the most scratch-resistant. ADA-certified for slip resistance - Most types of composite decking are certified as slip-resistant, in contrast to wood. “Wood can get slick when wet,” says Baron 

The material qualities of composite decking and its high resistance to weathering translate into a deck that is not prone to splintering, leaving us with one less Fully protected by an advanced resin cap, it keeps the moisture out, the sun at bay, resists scratching far better than pressure treated wood and 

Composite decking is more hard-wearing and a safer option than wood as it does not splinter or warp as the seasons change; it is also more slip-resistant. You can Stain Resistant. Scratch Resistant. Fade Resistant. Splinter Free. Slip Resistant. Pressure Treated Timber Decking. N A. Annual staining, sealing or painting.

See how ChoiceDek composite decking stacks up against wood decking, PVC and capped composite options. There's just no comparison Water Application. Durability. Economical. Maintenance. Appearance. Slip Resistance Coefficient of Friction. Higher number represents better slip resistance. Scratch Resistance.

so we can't guarantee that Buster will never scratch a deck, but we can recommend a few specific decking options that have the most scratch resistance. decking is engineered for maximum toughness Legacy, Tropical and Terrain Collections are our capped wood composite 

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