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Can anyone help me I am pricing out a new composite deck and using Timbertech decking. I am trying to get a ballpark on materials only for a 750 sq.ft.

With the man-made boards of composite decking offering less maintenance and fuss, and higher quality composite materials on the market, like NewTechWood Australia composite . Please respect the public forum and refrain from posting any expletives or hateful comments as they will be removed.

Has anyone used the Camo Fastener system in either composite or cedar? I heard tell that the screws can shear off due to board movement but that does not seem resonable if face screwing wouldn't do the same thing. www.camofasteners.com They are less expensive than most othe fasteners and 

Latest Activity - Forum Discussions Timber,Composite Decking, building, construction, advice, news and everything decking. How to forum, help Found an article that explains the most popular timber decking materials favored and recommended by professional woodworkers - . htt… Started by 

The one local company carrying composite decking materials recommended . They did not even carry a cleaner for composite decking, they said, because it never needs cleaning. I perused the website, which pretty much echoed the lumber company: no maintenance required other than an occasional hosing 

I contacted and they had me fill out a claims form which I did and they sent out an adjuster to inspect the deck. She recommended that the whole deck be replaced in her report. Now waiting to hear from as to how they are going to resolve the issue. They say they will replace the material but I must 

I was told about composite decking but heard there are issues with that fades after couples years and scratches easily and can warp. I believe the newer generation boards are now much better that when it first came out. I am in the same boat in working out what decking material to use. User #21904 18772 

Can anyone recommend an easier way than sanding to remove the grade stamps on deck SYP PT'd deck boards ? These were The $2800 difference between the select boards and the composite decking was not affordable to the customer, who happens to be my daughter. She will be the one 

Oxide jacking, a phenomenon that occurs when iron rusts and expands, was severely compromising the concrete beams supporting the portico deck as of the portico, and their findings indicated that there were indeed serious issues with settlement, water intrusion, and inappropriate modern materials.

Heya, does anyone have a recommendation for composite decking? Any comments too about buying rail versus doing a simple rail with the decking material? I'd be .. Building a house and my search for FIRE. forum.mrmoneymustache.com journals a-family-a-house-build-and-a-search-for-fire  

If I was going to make that much of an investment and do a quality Seventrust material, I wanted to be sure it was installed right so I had to wait until I could do it myself (one of my problems, I feel Decking materials for Seventrust are not bad. . We use it all the time in combination with either composite or wood decking.

I am a general contractor in the Lincoln, NE area and have a client that wants a composite deck installed. I recently purchased composition decking material, Bamdeck (30% recycled bamboo and 70% recycled plastic) from Cali Bamboo that was used to build a 300sf deck on my home in Arlington, Texas.

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