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Choosing the Right Wood for Your Fence or Deck. We recently worked Ideal for a variety of applications and outdoor projects where lumber is exposed to the elements. Visit and speak to a lumber associate who can help point you in the right direction when choosing the ideal lumber for your deck or fence.

Not all pressure-treated wood is equally decay-resistant. Different parts of the tree absorb treatment differently. Learn how to spot the best quality 4x4 p.

Wood is a classic, but it's high-maintenance. Vinyl is durable but expensive. Which is best? We're pitting wood vs. vinyl fencing in a head-to-head match. So which should you choose if you're planning to build a new fence: wood or vinyl? We're going to make your decision a little easier by pitting wood vs.

Both of these woods have natural features that make them particularly well suited for fence construction and other outdoor uses.

Spring is the time for building. People are getting to work on new decks, fences and raised beds. But before you start you should make sure you are getting the right wood for the job. In today's blog post, Amber (Parr Lumber Albany manager) will briefly cover the different types of wood for garden 

An outdoor wooden fence, gate or deck is a beautiful way to add functionality to your property, increasing your access to outdoor space, improving privacy and controlling access to your property. Available locally, redwood may be one of your best bets for a reasonably priced option easily available here.

There are various reasons you may choose to put a fence on your property to increase safety, privacy, and security, build a safety corral for kids and pets, prevent unsupervised dips in the swimming pool, or to simply enhance your home's curb appeal. Around 400 years ago, the favorite fencing material of 

It is a moderately hard timber with red-brown heartwood that can match or complement a majority of existing garden or perimeter fences. Why choose wood? Timber gates offer a beauty that metal gates often lack. Whether your traditional home requires a classic design to finish off the garden, or you are 

Wood Fence Advantages; Wood Fence Disadvantages; The Best Wood to use in a Wood Fence; Wood Grades and Wood Quality; Wood Fence Panel Types Whether you choose a #1 grade, with small, tight knots, or clear (the highest grade), Western Red Cedar offers virtually unlimited versatility and 

You must also take maintenance and cost into account, investigate neighborhood restrictions and make sure you hire the right fencing contractor to install it. Whether picking between a white picket fence or a wooden privacy fence, carefully consider the type of fence you choose before making an 

The type of fence you choose will play a key role in your home's exterior design and provide one of the most important benefits of all homes; security. Not only does it give homeowners a sense of privacy with the height wood fencing provides, but they are also one of the more attractive options on the 

Before building an enclosure for your property, consider these 9 popular materials to find the type of fence best for your needs and budget. Pressure- and chemically-treated wood pickets or cedar-style planks are a popular pick for outdoor structures as a whole—gazezbos, decks, pergolas, and more—and assembled as 

What Material Should You Choose? Most fences are made from wood. It's affordable, versatile, and easy to obtain. It comes in uniform sizes, and it's the easiest material for a homeowner to use. You can finish it with paint or stain. Or, if you use treated wood or cedar, you can let it age to a natural color. Proper installation is 

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