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95. TABLE 601. FIRE-RESISTANCE RATING REQUIREMENTS FOR BUILDING ELEMENTS (hours). BUILDING ELEMENT. TYPE I. TYPE II. TYPE III. TYPE IV Except in Group F-1, H, M and S-1 occupancies, fire protection of structural members shall not be required, including protection of roof framing and decking.

Abstract. The National Building Code of Canada provides both prescriptive specifications for timber beams and columns afforded equivalency to wood-frame construction with 45 min fire-resistance ratings, and simple calculation methods for determining fire-resistance ratings of larger glued-laminated 

1. Fire-resistance designs documented in approved sources. 2. Prescriptive designs of fire-resistance-rated building elements as prescribed in Section 720. 3. Calculations in .. at the roof sheathing or deck in Type III, IV and V construction provided: 5.1. fire-retardant-treated wood, for a distance of 4 feet (1219 mm) from 

Comprehensive information on fire-rated assemblies incorporating USG products and systems. Fire-Resistant. Assemblies Page 3 steel roof deck; wood-framed, including dimensional lumber, engineered joist and truss; and structural concrete. D. Horizontal Membrane. 52. Shaft wall used in a horizontal plane. E.

A.3 Timber Decks. A9. Appendix B. Fire Resistance Calculation for Sawn Wood Joists. B1. Part Title. Page. 1 Development of Design Procedures for Exposed . (1 Hour Rating). A6. Table A2(1.5-Hr) Design Load Ratios,. Rs = (Rs1)(Rs2) ≤ 1.0, for. Compression Members. Exposed on Four Sides. (1.5 Hour Rating). A7.

decks shall be a minimum of 1-hour fire-resistance-rated construction, heavy timber construction, or constructed of approved noncombustible materials or fire-retardant-treated wood identified for exterior use and meeting the requirements of Section 2303.2 of the International Building Code. When … any 

Nonbearing partitions where the required fire resistance rating is 2 hours or less; Nonbearing exterior walls where fire-resistance-rated construction is not required; Roof construction, including girders, trusses, framing and decking (note that FRTW is not permitted in roofs of buildings of Type IA construction, 

promulgated a calculation procedure for determining the fire resistance rating of exposed wood beams and columns . tested. Paneling on top of the decks provided the most benefits to the fire resistance of decks when the butt joints had 4-mm gaps, compared with decks of T&G joints or narrower gaps. x t p ß o. (3). (2) 

exterior walls shall have a fire-resistance rating not less than that 602.3 Type III. Type III construction is that type of construction in which the exterior walls are of noncombustible materials and the interior building elements are of any spaces and wood roof decks shall be sawn or glued laminated 

Roof construction including girders, trusses, framing and decking (Section ). III and IV. Permitted within exterior wall assemblies of a 2-hour rating or less (Sections 602.3 and 602.4). V. Use of FRTW is unrestricted. IBC. This list includes structural elements that are constructed of fire retardant treated wood (FRTW).

While most decking woods are naturally beautiful, and highly resistant to decay, there is one on the market that is praised for its ability to resist fire and its ability to last. AmeraDeck decking wood is a Grade A decking material mostly known for its uncanny ability to resist fire. In fact it has a Class A- fire rating, the highest rating 

construction and the degree of fire resistance of the primary structural framing material. The NFPA classification system designates the five types of construction using Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.) followed by three Arabic numbers (332, 211, etc.) that indicate the hourly fire-resistance rating requirement for specific structural 

Architects and Contractors can spend a lot of time hunting for miscellaneous fire rated assemblies in wood construction. What you'll 3 8″ wood structural panel with exterior glue 5 minutes 15 32″ Roofs must have a deck of at least 15 32″ wood structural panels or 11 16″ T&G and finished roofing.

exposed wood beams and columns. CALCULATING FIRE RESISTANCE OF DECKS. In order to meet the requirements for a given fire resistance rating, a floor deck needs to maintain its separating function and load carrying capacity for the specified duration of exposure to standard fire conditions. he former means that the 

Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies iii. Foreword. Older buildings often contain materials that are fire safe but not list- ed in current fire ratings sources. . 2.3 Effects of Openings and Penetrations in Fire Resistant Assemblies on Fire .A 3. Appendix B—Upgrading the Fire Resistance of Wood Panel Doors .

Comprehensive test information on fire-rated assemblies incorporating CGC products and systems. Fire-Resistant. Assemblies. SA-100 Web Site Pages. 3 CGC Fire-Resistant Assemblies steel roof deck; wood-framed, including dimensional lumber, engineered joist and truss; and structural concrete.

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