pine tongue and groove porch flooring

What kind of porch flooring should you use or not use. Awful stuff .from the framing, to the installation of the tongue and groove decking. research first, and usually end up making the right decision. Douglas Fir, at the very least. Not pine . Everyone knows you don't use pine. Well, almost everyone.. .

Unlike radius edged decking, porch decking is machined with a tongue and groove profile to assure a tight fit eliminating unnecessary spacing between the boards. Porch Decking has become the porch decking of choice for those who do not like the look of Pine porch decking. Unlike Pine which must be chemically 

Pine Tongue & Groove. Great for using as interior flooring, walls, ceilings, exterior covered porch ceilings. Profile: Smooth one side has square edges, great for flooring as they butt up against each other with no reveal. Smooth alternate side has V match edges, great for ceilings and walls as they create a V pattern every 5" 

The softness and vulnerability of pine can give it appeal on the floor, but these same qualities can be problematic when applying a stain. Pine tends to absorb stain unevenly, and the resulting blotchiness is seldom attractive. You can avoid this by proper preparation of the wood before you stain and by using the right type of 

of Perennial Wood porch flooring This detailed guide provides you with step-by-step installation instructions This document is very Southern pine porch flooring installation practices generally apply, read this installation guide If Perennial Wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring is not being installed under a roof and 

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