composit decking 24 feet

No pre-drilling is necessary to install our plastic lumber and several color-matching screw options are available. Two screws are needed per joist board. For joist spans measuring 16" on-centers, 4.5 screws per square foot are needed. For joist spans of 24" on-centers, 3 screws per square foot are needed. This figure does 

Pressure-treated lumber is rated according to the pounds of preservative retained per cubic foot of wood; the higher the number, the better the protection against . Composite deck boards: If your joists are spaced at 24 in. or you're running your deck boards at a diagonal, you may need to use 2-by (1-1 2 in. thick) boards.

Building a deck is a rewarding and worthwhile task. It not only adds a great outdoor space to any backyard, but it will add value to your home as well. While you may have a design and plan already figured out and think you're ready to start, stop and take a moment to learn more about how you should go about choosing 

It wasn't that hard to per- suade Atlanta-based deck builder Donnie Miller to switch to synthetic decking. “Deep down, everyone likes wood,” Miller says. “But most people aren't willing to do all the maintenance that keeps a wood deck looking good.” Synthetic decking certainly provides a no-maintenance alter- native to 

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