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It's important to understand the advantages of using the Sharkstooth system for your deck. It's not faster than alternatives such as screws, and it doesn't require less work, in fact, it possibly requires more. The advantages of a Sharkstooth deck, are in the straightforwardness of the installation system, the quality of the finished 

With hidden deck clips from Mantis, boards are attached to the joist from the side, making the deck appear smooth & consistent while reducing rot & mildew. The Mantis Deck Clip System is designed to provide a hidden fastener solution for slotted decking made from PVC,composites or wood products. Mantis is proven to 

When constructing a new deck, you're going to have to decide what method of fastening to use. The primary ones for deck building are hidden fasteners and face screws. Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages. Face screws install both faster and cheaper, and are easier to use for the 

If mounted over concrete, that standoff fastener can have even less holding power as tapcons, masonry nails, etc., do not hold that well in this application. Fastening a wooden cleat (furring) to the wall and using our siding fastener system removes most of the pullout force on the fasteners. Our system arranges proper 

As you plan for a new deck this summer, or to refurbish an old one with a brand new surface, it's important not to neglect the details. Of course, you need the joists to be sturdy, the base to be secure and the other structural components to be completely foolproof. But on a more nuanced level, the fastener 

The front edge of the previous deck board is secured to the joists with toenails or screws, and the Deck-Ties on the second board slide below the first board. . Leavens is certain of this, and claims one advantage of the Deckmaster to be that its screws are installed in the side of the joists, not the top.

FUSIONLoc New. FUSIONLoc is the first and only collated hidden fastening system engineered for strength and speed. Installation is a simple, one-step process resulting in a smooth, fastener-free surface. View the FUSIONLoc installation video here. FUSIONLoc comes with a 25-year limited warranty. CONCEALoc 

IPE CLIP EXTREME KD Fastener Kit - These Fasteners come with stainless steel washers molded inside for increased holding power. Designed specifically for kiln dried decking, such as Decking. COMPONENTS: (175) IPE CLIP EXTEME KD Hidden Deck Fasteners,(190), Stainless Steel Screws, (12) 

EBTY's hidden composite deck fasteners are the world's premier way to build or renovate beautiful, long-lasting decks.

Installing a tropical hardwood deck with a species like or is done the same way as your typical pressure treated Pine or even composite deck: face screwed or with hidden fasteners. Each method has pros and cons. Face screwing is fast and secure but it leaves exposed screw holes that many 

Some use a combination of materials. For example, the Clip is made from stainless steel covered with plastic to match the color of the deck. The major advantage of hidden deck fasteners is that there are no unsightly screws or nails to look at or to trip over. This is both an aesthetics and a safety issue. If you've ever 

Advantages of Using the DeckWise Extreme Family of Deck Fasteners. Ability to run screws Unlike most all-metal hidden deck fasteners, which can react with wood causing staining, the. Clip is . Running screws straight down with composite PVC decking allows these materials to naturally move on their length.

deck with joists spaced 16 in. on center and plan to fasten 2x6 planks with screws; you will need roughly 3,000 fasteners. With the average deck screw ranging in price from 5¢ to. 15¢ apiece, using to secure decking with nails, screws, or hidden fasteners. Even the seemingly . Because the benefit of these proprietary 

Gap Spacing: 3 32" Gap Spacing. Recommended For Use With: Decking. Specifications: Heavy Duty Fiberglass Stainless Steel Reinforced For Air-Dried Decking. Complete Kit: COMPONENTS. (175) IPE CLIP EXTREME Hidden Deck Fasteners; (190) Stainless Steel Torx Drive Screws; (12) 3 8" Tapered plugs 

WORKS WITH: Phantom GT Fasteners work with Symmetry, Horizon, ProTect Advantage, Sanctuary, and Good Life Decking. Phantom EC Fasteners work with all of the decking lines above plus Paramount PVC Decking (see approved fastening systems for Paramount PVC Decking grooved edge interior boards) 

Fastener Free Deck Surface: The main reason people choose to use a hidden deck fastener system over face fastening is to achieve a more attractive deck surface. When a hidden deck fastener They all are constructed of different materials that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Click HERE to READ MORE 

Discover the Clip Hidden Deck Fastener Advantages with the ORIGINAL stainless Steel Inserted decking clip. It comes in 3 colors to match material.

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