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Abstract. Purpose The purpose of this paper is to address the problem of substitution of steel with fiber- reinforced polymer-matrix composite in military-vehicle hull-floors, and identifies and quantifies the associated main benefits and shortcomings. Design methodology approach The problem is investigated using a 

Items 1 - 11 of 11 The normal approach to sandwich core composite construction is to laminate the outer skin and then lay the core material into the wet laminate. By laminating the inner skin on top of the core material, it seals it. This 'classic' approach to stiffening composites is used all over, from boat hulls, car hoods and 

In a conventional fibreglass hull, timber was principally used in the transom and sub-floor system, and following a lengthy research and development program, Cruise Craft now has construction process which provides a 100% composite Cruise Craft boat. The composite build process focusses upon two key areas of the 

1: Traditionally, boats have been built with numerous separate composite components (hull, stringers, floor, liner, deck, center cockpit, cockpit sole, coaming, etc.) constructed separately and then joined together. If the boatbuilder integrates many of these pieces into a one-piece structural grid (shown above, in red), it is 

Analysis of steel-with-composite material substitution in military vehicle hull floors subjected to shallow-buried landmine-detonation loads. Article Options and Tools 

You really have two very distinct composite construction methods. The first is to use non wood products as direct replacements for wood components. That is where the basic construction of the two types of boat is the same (hull stringers floor) with the difference only being whether the components are wood based or not.

There are alternatives to plywood in the stringers, or floor, as backups for cleats, in handrails, around hatches and in the transom. Boat Construction Comparison This occurs because the resins in the hull composite shrink after sitting in the hot sun. This condition is seen in darker-color hulls (green, blue 

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With overall dimensional estimates and a general hull form in mind, the designer's next step is a comprehensive weight estimate. An itemized list of all vessel components and their weights is drawn up, including the engines, electrical systems and interior accommodations as well as the composite hull, deck and remaining 

1.2.3 Depth. The depth D is the distance [m] measured vertically on the midship transverse section, from the base line to the top of the deck beam at side on the uppermost continuous deck. Table 1.1 Units. Designation. Usual. Symbol. Units. Vessel's dimensions. See 1.1.1 m. Hull girder section modulus. Z cm3. Density ρ.

Laminates are composites in which layers of different materials are bonded together with adhesive, to give added strength, durability, or some other benefit. . Underneath that, there's a thin layer of patterned wood (or even paper printed with a wood pattern) that gives the floor its attractive appearance.

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Developments of the composite boat include a shortened false floor, which enables us to place the bailer under the thwart out of harms way but still easily accessible and a 'part' keelson aft of the centre case which acts as a foot rest or 'push off'. The wooden Streakers we produce are built using epoxies. The decks and hull 

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