designing garden wall with wood

The natural stone wall can be planted - the design has great appeal. Modern metal fence. Screening fence or garden wall - 102 Ideas for Garden Design. Metal fence with integrated lighting. Screening fence or garden wall - 102 Ideas for Garden Design. Multifunctional wooden fence with flower pots. Screening fence or 

A timber retaining wall is great for reshaping a sloped yard and lending a real identity and presence to your garden area. Retaining Pressure-treated lumber, especially made for this type of wall, is readily available in home improvement centers. Before beginning, have a plan for all the soil you'll be removing. It can be 

Because a retaining wall is going to be in contact with the ground, make sure you use lumber that's rated for ground contact. Your best choice is a pressure-treated wood that has a rating of .40 or higher. Line the trench and excavation with landscape fabric, then add 2 or 3 inches of gravel and tamp it in place. Make sure 

By utilizing these stacked planters, not only are you making it incredibly easy to water these plants, but the retaining wall will add so much character to your space. With so many interesting to try this fun concept out. This would be perfect for a smaller garden area or a larger outdoor space.

Whether it's the perfect picket fence or a great idea for creating privacy, has hundreds of fencing and garden wall ideas for your outdoor space. 20 Design Ideas for Wooden Fences 21 Photos. See innovative approaches and non-traditional takes on the classic wooden fence.

Whether small or large, wooden or concrete, such walls can be seen in many places. Modern landscape architects create stunning designs, using high quality materials and different styles so quite often a retaining wall becomes the focal point of the landscape design. There are wonderful examples of creative gardening 

If you've hired a landscape architect to transform your garden, the last thing you want to do is undermine all their hard work by choosing uninspiring privacy options, so we're here to prevent that from happening. From wonderful wooden designs through to bold and colourful walls, we have some great 

A big 'thankyou' to all our customers and friends who've sent us digital photos and descriptions of their railway sleeper retaining walls, whether in the garden or part So, to all of you enjoying these pages, with dreams and schemes in your head, let's see what railway sleeper retaining walls YOU finally plan, and what YOU 

Are you hunting around for back garden wall ideas? Then consider the aesthetic that is already present in your home. If you live in a modern, recently constructed home then a fresh brick or wooden wall will look perfectly placed. However, if your home is older, opt for aged bricks instead. The limestone 

The wood cladding is integrated thoughtfully with the existing low brick wall and extends up to offer more privacy to a small urban garden. outdoor-living-space-garden. Photo: V.I.Photography & Design. Build a raised bed. A planted raised bed at the base of an unsightly wall helps hide the wall behind it.

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