changing new flooring on existing floor

When you need to replace your old tile flooring, can you simply lay down new over existing, or do you need to rip out what's already in place? As a homeowner, the relative ease of replacing instead of ripping up tiles may make tiling over old floors the better choice, but make no mistake: You'll still have to 

Removing old linoleum flooring is difficult to do and as long as the current linoleum is flat and level then you should be fine laying a new surface on top of it. With that said though, when I remodeled my bathroom I did remove the old linoleum to put a new tile floor down. I actually found removing the linoleum 

We had carpet removed and new prefinished hardwoods installed on one story of our house - about 700 sq feet - in one day, without any prep on our part. I wasn't . A good flooring crew shouldn't need more than about four or five days to replace your floors, including time to remove the existing flooring.

However, if you're remodeling the kitchen, you're likely doing so in a style you won't want to change later. Finally, putting flooring down beneath base cabinets offers a clean look and saves you from having to install quarter rounds with your cabinets. “New floors can get scratched during cabinet installation.” Cons Starting 

21 Nov 1999 Mr. Wilkes explained that in addition to the most common wood flooring material used in homes -- the 2 1 4-inch-wide oak strips most people are familiar with -- there are dozens of other types, grades and sizes of wood that can be used to replace, or, in some cases, cover over an existing wood floor.

Installing a new floor in your kitchen can completely change the look of your space. The right floor will enhance the functionality of your home and appeal to future buyers. But before you do the work of ripping out the old floors and placing the new, you need to prepare. Not sure which steps to take to get your kitchen ready 

Perhaps there have been dye lot changes with the new product; or you might not even be able to get the product you have existing and, instead, have to go with a product that is similar, but not an exact match. In that case, you might make it look like a purposeful transition by turning the floor in the opposite 

Norton Vermont Natural Coatings have redefined the rules of refinishing yet again with innovative new EasyWhey Floor Color for restoring color and recoatin

Remodeling a kitchen is a costly home renovation, in addition to being a time consuming endeavor. The look and feel of hardwood floors in a kitchen is a great aesthetic

The 280 square feet of narrow oak strips was 95 years old and pretty beat, with scratches, stains, and even a few missing boards. Nevertheless we thought long and hard about whether to install a new floor or simply refinish the old one. We'd seen worse floors look good upon being sanded, stained to a medium tone to hide 

No it isn't advisable both floors are floating floors and both will be moving (expanding contracting differently) could cause problems, when they start moving against each other. Tiles dont float. Also you may have to cut doors, architraves etc down, which then will be too short if you ever decide to change it 

How to Replace Existing Flooring You can lay hardwood flooring over linoleum, and you can install a floating floor over linoleum, hardwood or even carpeting. The condition of your old flooring is one factor to consider when deciding whether or not to remove it, and the combined thickness of the old and new flooring is 

Wood floors are very long-lasting if properly cared for. Some existing wood floors in Europe have been around since the Dark Ages. They are very easy to maintain. Wood floors can be sanded and refinished many times. Where a carpet might wear out after 10 years and need to be replaced, a wood floor can be renewed.

Moisture, installation and matching existing flooring must be taken into account when replacing carpet with hardwood flooring. Covering the ground under your crawl space with a plastic sheeting ensures the humidity from the ground will never reach your wood floor. 65% of the air you breath in your 

If you find yourself in a position where you need to match new hardwood flooring to existing floors already in the house, then it is imperative that they keep the abrupt visual changes, so to minimize this conditioning special efforts should be made in those places where the new flooring meets the old flooring to ensure a 

Minwax Complete Floor Finish is a two-in-one stain and protective finish that provides superior durability for hardwood floors. Find this Pin and Explains the process for refinishing hardwood floors and changing stain colors - Westchester NY 7 Steps to Like-New Floors Old House Restoration, Products & Decorating.

Inspect Floor. Once the old tile floor has been removed, inspect the subfloor for damage that my need to be repaired before a new floor is installed. Patch or replace any rotten wood or divots in concrete floors. The subfloor should be smooth and damage-free before a new floor is installed.

But now, half of the flooring he installs is engineered: made of thin sheets of wood glued together like plywood. Solid wood is classic and can last a century, but engineered flooring offers a quicker, easier way to get a new floor, and it comes with a durable factory-applied finish that's way more durable, says Hosking, than 

Floor before cabinets or cabinets before floor? Like turning a prism to the light, the answer to this question changes when the factors are different. Consider this familiar scenario: You are doing a full-scale, rip-down remodel of your kitchen where everything comes out and gets replaced: walls, cabinets, 

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