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Introduction. Tropical timber decking is very popular in France, providing opportunities to exporters from developing countries. In recent 4407.21 Mahogany. 4407.22 23 24 Virola, Imbuia and Balsa. If the density of your wood product is very high, and the volume of the order is low, it is advisable to use 20'GP containers.

Its extremely light weight makes balsa ideal for aircraft models and the fact that it can be worked on without the need for heavy tools meant that it was predestined for use in architectural model making as well. Balsa can be cut with a cutter but it should be done carefully because when cutting across the grain the wood tends 

Balsa and Other Woods. Excellent prices on balsa wood, sheet, strip, dowel, triangle, leading edge, trailing edge, hardwood dowel, spruce, bass, beech bearers, undercarriage block, balsa block, marine birch plywood, liteply. Click here for an "At A Glance" printable price list of all our wood. Click here for an imperial to 

The Ochroma pyramidale wood's surfboard history originates in the Hawaiians, and the wood lead surfing's landfall on the US west coast in the 1940s. Being light and strong, balsa wood was long considered a perfect material for surfboards. Shapers could not use this fragile wood to make entire surfboards until after WWII, 

Gascogne was founded in 1925 in the heart of France's · Landes forest ranges are produced in France, respecting environmental standards and timber management. PAGE 12. Decorative wood panellings. PAGE 21. Unfinished wood panellings. PAGE 22. Wood panels 2 in 1. PAGE 25. Natural wood decking. PAGE 28.

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