allergies to composite decking

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Most of us understand the need for healthy indoor air quality, especially for people with allergies and asthma. But if you have off-gassing materials outside the Even better, he says, is composite lumber, which is made from a mix of sawdust and recycled plastic. Not only are the materials light on the planet 

Dogs, just like humans, can be prone to a variety of allergies. Some breeds, like Retrievers, Terriers, Setters, and flat-faced breeds (Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Frenchies, etc) are more susceptible to allergies than others. Here are 15 allergies that may surprise you when it comes to your dog. 1. Airborne 

NewTechWood's composite decks are engineered and designed to resist the growth of molds and mildew that can flare up allergies and spread illnesses. For mold to thrive, it needs a consistent supply of moisture, oxygen, and organic food. Though the mold can't grow on the composite, it will survive on the 

VOC content (formaldehyde and other chemicals) tends to vary among manufacturers and can be a major concern for those with allergies and respiratory problems. The elaborate processing required to manufacture bamboo decking uses unfriendly chemicals and a lot of power, making its sustainability 

Learn which Wood Allergies could affect your ability to build. Wood Toxicity Results On American hardwoods can be different than Exotic Wood and deck boards.

TREX. . WOOD-POLYMER LUMBER PRODUCTS. SDSTWP-01. DATE REVISED: 06-17-14. Section 1, Identification: PRODUCT NAME: TREX ACCENTS and TREX SELECT DECKING PRODUCTS. COLORS: produce allergic skin and respiratory reactions including asthma and rhinitis. Inhalation of certain.

Be careful not to use too much force—anything stronger than 1200 psi could damage the wood or the composite decking. "The goal is to use the lowest pressure possible to get the job done," says Mark Crump of Be Clean Pressure Washing Services, a deck maintenance contractor in Virginia. "The ideal is for high volume, 

Patch testing done in a study on 29 patients with oral lichen planus revealed that 10 patients showed an allergic reaction to mercury and on replacing the amalgam with composite or glass ionomer, the lesions resolved [18]. Another manifestation of allergy to mercury is burning mouth syndrome (BMS).

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