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A common question that comes up is whether or not composite gets too hot in the summer to walk barefoot on. I have come across many in at 121 degrees. So the results are in and plastic capped composites are right in the middle of most commonly used types of decking as far as temperature goes when in direct sun.

Granted, in April your lucky to get an 86 degree sunny day with just a light scattering of thin clouds. So that's the day we picked. But even in these conditions, all of the decking materials we tested were over 100 degrees in temperature when left all day in the full sun. The temperature of your deck in the hot 

Your decking surface gets hotter in the sun based on the amount of solar or heat energy it absorbs versus how much it reflects. The darker For example, wood surfaces pull heat deep into the board; this makes the surface cooler but causes the board to stay warm longer once the sun is gone. To help you 

To find out, I put a wide selection of synthetic decking on 2xs in the hot August sun and measured the surface temperatures. I admit, I am limited by geography. The Boston suburbs this August barely reached the low 80s on sunny days. OK, temperatures did get Decking test 1 to 88ºF on a few cloudy days, 

Decking varies in how hot it gets based on what it's made from and its color. Aluminum decking is the coolest of the common decking materials. Composite decks get hotter than aluminum. For example, decks get fairly hot in direct sunlight, and the darker the color is, the hotter it will get. PVC decks like 

Whether the composite boardwalks planks are light tan or dark brown, they'll get extremely hot in direct sunlight. For a residential deck, this may not be a huge issue, with tree shade and overhangs from the house shielding the planks from the sun. But for a coastal boardwalk with hundreds or thousands of 

Our spring project is building either a deck or a patio. A deck would be easier because a patio would require some minor excavation but people caution me of the high temperatures, to the point that some people say it is unbearable. This will be exposed to full sun in the afternoon.

Does composite decking get too hot? If you are used to a standard pressure-treated lumber deck that you might have been on before, most of the low-maintenance products will be hotter That feels good on a 65-degree day, but on a 90-degree day with a deck in full sun, you will want to wear flip flops.

Company, Inc. is a member of the U. S. Green Building Council, and all decking products contain environmentally friendly recycled materials. The 25-year warranty that comes with the purchase of is also a plus for consumers. Despite all of its advantages, decking does have a few drawbacks, 

Dear Jim: Our wood deck gets hot, almost too warm to be comfortable, in the summer sun. What decking options do I have to keep it cooler? If the prevailing breezes are over the hot deck, you will not be able to open windows for natural ventilation and instead will use energy-guzzling air-conditioning.

We plan on doing a composite deck this Spring but came across the idea that they get too hot to walk on in the Summer. I am really only concerned about our dogs. The deck will be fairly light colored but in direct Colorado sun for many hours during the day. Does anyone have any thoughts on if your 

Enjoying your waterproof sundeck on a sunny day can be so relaxing, but sometimes that outdoor surface can get HOT. For those of you who like to sit on your sun exposed deck on those 100 degree days, you will find the deck can be a bit toasty on the toes. This is common with many surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, 

How hot does AridDek aluminum decking get in the sun compared to other decking? Understandably this is a frequent question when it comes to AridDek aluminum decking. No one wants to worry about scorching their bare feet on a hot summery day. Thus, on a hot day in Georgia, Wahoo Decks set out to 

I've visited friends with composite decking and have two comments about it (negative) - It gets really, really freaking hot in the sun (may be due to deck color etc, but like beach-sand scalding hot). - When it weathers, it also feathers. ie the exposed part had weathered some (color dulled etc) but it also fluffed 

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