build a ground level deck in new zealand

While a deck needs to be level, it's visual shape need not be square in appearance. A smart design can allow for in-built planters and seating too. Recent code changes mean decks can be built up to 1.5 metres off the ground without a permit, but you must follow the building code. Decks with a drop of one metre or more do 

Steps to Building Your Deck. If you are building a deck in Auckland, New Zealand within a specific distance of a boundary or more than 1.5m above ground level. Make sure to check with your local council for guidelines or consents before building your deck.

A deck, balcony or veranda must comply with the Building Act 2004 and the New Zealand Building Code. You should contact the Building Unit of your local (c) is on the ground level, or, if in a building, on the ground or first storey level of the building. Decks, platforms, bridges, boardwalks, etc. Building 

Select a datum point (a standard measurement point) _ generally the existing floor level. Set the finished deck level below this datum point. In some situations the New Zealand Building Code requires a step down to an open framed permeable deck (your local authority or council will be able to advise you).

While ground level decks are not a large risk to weathertightness, decks on upper stories can, as well as waterproof decks which have had a membrane installed to drain water. Where a slatted deck is connected to the building at ground floor level, the connections penetrate below floor level. There is no 

building a timber deck. A place to be. A deck gives your f 09 379 3303 e web What materials do I need? 100x100mm H4 Posts. The length depends on the finished height of your deck. 100x75 H3 Bearers. Spanning the Do I need a Building Consent? No, so long as the deck is at ground level.

If you are simply building a deck to walk over and get from one place to another, it can be a very different design than one that you want to entertain and live on. The Resource Management Act covers the use of any land in New Zealand so depending on where your deck is situated it could require resource consent if it is 

Mitre 10 New Zealand Knowing how to build a deck yourself is a great DIY skill to learn, and one you'll be able to use to build a porch or build a patio as well as they can be As DIY projects go, a deck may seem like an ambitious project, but taken step-by-step, building a deck is pretty straightforward.

How to build a timber deck. A timber deck has many functional uses and can be an asset to any home. A deck can aid the indoor outdoor flow and becomes an extension of the The Building Research Association of New Zealand H3.1 and H3.2 Timber are treated timbers designed for outside, above ground level use.

The deck detailed here is suitable for a flat or gently sloping site and must be attached to the house which has a timber or concrete floor, at least 400 mm above the ground level. The deck detailed below will comply with the provisions of the NZ. Building Code, and will not require a building consent if it is not possible to fall 

The building phase begins as we show you how to build a strong foundation for your new deck, starting with the stumps and bearers. Watch How To Building a deck is the first step in creating a fantastic outdoor space for your home, find out what else you can do to create the perfect entertaining area. Or if you've only got a 

The 100 x 75 mm bearer should be bolted to the corner piles on the front edge of the deck using a 12 mm bolt with a 50 x 50 x 3 Check the level of the bearer before fixing and if necessary, pack with malthoid, or notch over the pile. If the piles have been Make sure you dig through the topsoil to solid ground. The spacing 

A common question is how close can H3.2 deck bearer be to the ground when installed over timber piles? and stainless steel brackets, BRANZ considers it prudent to specify a higher level of treatment H4 where the bearers are close to being clear of the ground or H5 if there is a risk of ground contact.

A mid-range deck or pergola outdoor landscape design in New Zealand is likely to cost in the region of $20,000-$30,000 . Stepping up your budget will bring more design While a simple ground-level deck can be built by a DIY-er; things get more complicated (and costlier) the higher you go. Above ground deck with glass 

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