how long will composite decking last

You've read that the decking companies warranty their new synthetic decking for 25 years or even for life. But will a deck really last that long? Or maybe you already have a deck, but it is 8 or 10 years old and looks shabby, and you wonder about upgrading it. Replacing the flooring and rails could cost 

A. The reason people will pay more for a composite deck is because, other than washing, it needs no maintenance. A wood deck [any wood] will age better if it is properly cleaned & sealed. The normal schedule for this is every 1-2 years. Q. How long does a deck last? A. I have replaced decks that were 10 to 30 years old.

Composite decking, at least the first generation composite products that people were complaining to me about for the past 15 or so years is dead. Nobody buys the old porous, mould creating composites anymore. Why??? Advancements have been made to make man-made decking last far longer, look much better, (Much 

In order for the stain or weather proofing to set correctly, the wood needs time to settle. In some cases, decks constructed at the beginning of the season may be able to be stained toward the end of the season. Q. How long will a composite deck last? A. Warranties for different composite decks vary per product. Q. Do I need 

What is the life expectancy of a composite deck? Composite products have been around for about 10 years. Most of the manufacturers offer warranties from 10 years to lifetime. Any of the composite products will outlast wood which has a life expectancy of less than 10 years. Typically, a composite deck will last you as long 

Initially, decking and railing does cost more, board for board, than wood decking and railing; however, the payoff you get over time in decreased maintenance costs and increased leisure time provides compelling value -- so much so, that you'll often see decks referenced in the listings of homes for sale as an 

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