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Safety fence: To create a dog run, enclose a pool area, or deter wildlife from trespassing on your property—without changing the view—the most durable option is a wire fence, such as chain link. At their most Wood: By far the most common fence material, wood provides a traditional look at a moderate price. Depending 

Fenceworks, Serving North Shore suburbs of Chicagoland with quality, custom built fences, including wood, stockade, picket, chainlink, aluminum, wrought iron, We cannot provide accurate fence pricing at our store. Our Western Red Cedar Fence is a Fenceworks' specialty and one of our most popular Fence choices.

Some of the most durable and beautiful fence, deck, and outdoor woods of any kind come from South America. Woods like , , and Brazilian Cherry The most obvious drawback to these species is their price, which is significantly higher than other fence options. The use of tropical hardwood has been criticized 

Compare fencing materials, includes pros and cons of wood, wrought iron and vinyl. of Fencing Materials. Compare the pros and cons, cost, style & durability of wood, vinyl, iron & more By Maureen Gilmer About $25 per linear foot; No-care vinyl installation costs the same as wood fencing with less maintenance issues.

Timber vs Metal Fencing Round 1: Durability. Rainstorms, hail, heavy crosswinds and UV sun rays can take their toll on a fence. Wood becomes warped after the endless expanding and contracting cycles of enduring the winter moisture and intense summer heat of the Perth climate, meaning a strong bout 

It is affordable but typically less durable than other woods so it needs to be maintained regularly. It consists of mostly southern yellow pine and is often considered the least expensive wood to use for a fence (usually half the price of most other woods). Most pressure treated wood is treated with a chemical to 

Pros and cons define and differentiate the most popular fence types chosen by homeowners today. Though vinyl may initially cost more than wood, it's less expensive over time. There are of Durable and often backed by warranty, composite fencing is assembled, not with special brackets, but with traditional fasteners.

However, more durable wood may actually save you money if you intend to remain in your home for a decade or more. Over time, quality wooden fencing will require fewer repairs and is less likely to need replacement. If, however, you're looking to move out, it may not be worth the investment to purchase a 

Be sure to debate the pros and cons of fencing materials: aluminum, vinyl, wood, steel, wrought iron, and chain-link. Pros: Aluminum fencing is versatile, affordable, and durable. Plus Cons: Aluminum costs more than wood upfront, but because of the lack of maintenance, it will cost less in the long run.

The most expensive choices are clear and premium grade woods, which have a uniform appearance, are the most durable and of the highest quality. The high cost of redwood makes it uneconomical for very large or long fences, but its aesthetic value and quality makes it one of the best materials from which to construct a 

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