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materials, such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and plastics. 2. Class B—fires involving flammable liquids, petroleum oils, greases, tars, oil-based paints, lacquers, solvents, alcohols, and flammable gases. 3. Class C—fires involving energized electrical equipment in which the use of an extinguishing media that is electrically 

contain the general requirements for fixed fire extinguishing installations. Details regarding design and . .3 spaces which are located below deck or spaces where access from the open deck is not provided, . accidentally released when a CO2 system is being serviced on board, and to guard against the 

1 General; 2 Description; 3 Effects; 4 Types of Cabin Fire; 5 Aircraft Equipment; 6 Fighting the Fire. 6.1 Types of Fire Automatic fire extinguishing systems. SOLID fuels such as paper wood, fabric, plastic are best extinguished by H2O Glycol extinguishes which will smother saturate cool the fuel.

4 hand fire-extinguishers conveniently located in the passenger compartment. Arrow an aeroplane whose maximum approved passenger seating configuration is 10 seats must be equipped with: one hand fire-extinguisher on the flight deck and one hand fire- extinguisher in the passenger compartment

Safety Information about Fire Fighting onboard a boat, Fire Fighting Once a fire on-board a boat really takes hold, it is unlikely that it will be successfully tackled. The length of the wooden sticks used to build the structure is the dimension that varies and this corresponds with the power indicated i.e. a length of 0.5m is used 

Some composite companies are using recycled materials. This means your synthetic deck can be environmentally friendly. The technology is improving. Some manufacturers now produce decking with a hard plastic shell bonded to composite boards to improve durability. According to Popular Mechanics, this makes the 

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