WPC Hollow Composite Decking Material Products Security Review

Because hollow boards use less material to produce they are often cheaper to manufacture than solid deck boards, which means that hollow boards can composite decking product that is easy and simple to work with just like wood and you want it to last 25 years (or more!), then solid composite decking 

Whether timber lovers like the material or not, suppliers of wood plastic composite decking are of this novel material. Landscape and exterior. Decking. Evaluating wood plastic composite decking. Transcend, a solid form. WPC being fitted onto a timber With WPC decking it is critical to review product credibility prior.

140 25mm Exterior Wood Plastic Composite Flooring WPC Decking .. Building Material Outdoor 140 25 Hollow WPC Wood Plastic Composite Decking.

For solid polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based decking, the average cost per square foot is $9.48, though buying this material in hollow slats can reduce the cost to around $7.50 Composite decking does tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional deck materials when it comes to upfront construction costs.

Conference review: "Wood-Plastic Composites 2013", Vienna 2013. 160 experts from WPC market. Kaplan focused on the security and economic aspects of steel deck framing. For example, WPC decking made of fully recycledmaterials reduces the carbon footprint from 1.38kg CO2 kg to 0.27kg.

While recycled material is a responsible source of timber, it's not always going to guarantee the highest quality required for the product. Composite decking products made from Bamboo are generally known as Bamboo Plastic Composites (BPC) vs Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) when made from timber or Natural Fiber 

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