how to attach fence panel posts

For a long-lasting fence, concreting the posts in is the way forward. Professional fence fitters will carefully measure out all the posts and then concrete them in position before attaching the fence panels. This calls for a meticulous degree of accuracy and can cause real headaches for the DIYer when they 

Position each bolt-down post bracket along the line at regular intervals to correspond with the width of the fence panels. The Bolt Down Post Support is attached to the concrete using Wedge Anchors or similar and the post attached to the support by tightening bolts on the side.

Fencing panels consist of intersecting vertical and horizontal steel rods that create a rigid panel for use in both permanent and temporary fences. Typically 16 feet long by 54 inches tall, these fencing panels weigh over 30 pounds, so they can be a challenge to install for those who aren't used to lifting heavy LawN & Border have been Landscaping and maintaining gardens since 2002. Currently our projects include: Turfing Commercial Grounds Ma

Panel clips; Galvanised nails; A spade; A spirit level; A tape measure; Post-fixing concrete mix; A friend is a good idea to help you hold fence panels in place. Place the second post in the hole and ask a friend to support it while you attach the panel clips to it to hold the other end of the fence panel. Once the panel is 

Lay a piece of timber across the tops of two consecutive fence posts and use a bubble level to check that the tops are level. If they are not, cut the tops of the posts to the correct height using a circular saw, chain saw, reciprocating saw, or hand saw. 2. Attach the fence panels.

Fence Post Installation. Before installing your panels, please read our information below about how to install the posts. When installing posts into the ground we would recommend using post mix. Post mix is a pre-blended, factory-produced, quick-setting concrete available from most builders' merchants. It is important that 

Remove any obstructions, old fence post including concrete etc. Check every 6 feet plus post width for any issues along the run which would prevent you from digging a hole for the posts.

This way we can guarantee each panel will fit exactly. We have watched fencing contractors come in one day, dig about 30 holes and concrete in 30 posts only to find, on their return that a few of the measurements were slightly out and a couple of the posts were not fully upright leaving the correct distance for fitting the 

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