recycled pvc fence for park sleepers

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plasmar is a unique Australian made 100% recycled plastic material. Used as a long-life, environmentally friendly alternative to timber, concrete & steel fence posts, sleepers, bollards & dunnage. 1300 391 183. plasmar is 100% recycled from engineering grade polymer material and has been CSIRO tested for durability 

Elgar Park Uses Recycled Plastic Profiles for Miniature Railway Sleepers. Elgar Park, Box . Bangerang Park In NSW Filled With Recycled Plastic Products. Bangerang Park A Replas Pro in Queensland, Origin Fencing, have recently removed the old timber bollards at Keith Payne VC Park in a Brisbane suburb, Stafford.

These recycled plastic garden edging sleeper and post products made from our patented recycled plastic composite mix will generally outlast those products traditionally made from wood. That is because the products are: Unaffected by extreme climates, rot resistant and have very low water absorption are resistant to 

Products made by Replas' unique ability to mix different plastic polymers together has resulted in a range of over 200 colourful products.

IR's Envire recycled plastic pallets benefit the environmental by using waste agricultural films and other suitable polymers otherwise destined for landfill to create the pallets; They replace timber pallets, which are not recyclable, prone to damage or rotting by moisture and are attractive to termites and other insects;

Sofpave 100% recycled plastic railway sleepers & beams, available in a variety of sizes and colours, are ideal for borders, boundaries, sand boxes, steps, retaining walls and even small bridges. The perfect product for communal and recreational areas as they are indestructible. SIZE AND APPLICATIONS. Typically our 

Use as a fence post. Dome top only , no point. 1500. 1800. 2100. Wheel Stops. W-100mm H-90mm.Our car park wheel stops come in standard charcoal or grey. We are pleased to advise that we can now recommend the "Shrawley" -a top of the range park bench seat using composite , recycled plastic and steel 

These Beams and Sleepers are heavy, immovable recycled plastic profiles ideal for Landscaping, Adventure Play Areas or Playgrounds and Community Gardens. They are the ideal Wooden fence posts rot, need replacing with more materials and labour costs, not to mention the problems of fences collapsing. Put these 

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