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Commonly cited issues with composite decking products are scratching and splitting, colour fade and stains, and a high expansion rate. This is due to poorer material compositions like high ratio of softwood sawdust and soft polyethylene. Manufacturers say this was a problem with the earliest generation 

It is the opinion of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) that “AZEK Deck”, when used as exterior decking in accordance Result1 coefficient of linear expansion (thermal). °C−1. <2x10−5. 1.69 x 10−6. Dimensional change coefficient of linear expansion (swelling) oven-dry to vacuum.

Thermal coefficient of expansion of building materials: Here we provide a Table of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Building Materials - what is the linear expansion of glass, metal, wood, masonry or plastic in response to temperature changes. We include a discussion of the definition of thermal coefficient of expansion, 

A plastic shovel may be used to remove snow from the deck. . and PVC Decking. All exterior building materials require cleaning. is no exception. Periodic cleaning of decking will remove dirt and pollen that can feed mold. If mold colonies . Typical Values for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Contraction.

Clubhouse Cellular PVC Plank Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion. (L L) °f = (3.2619E -5 ) .125" (1 8). FIGURE 3. FIGURE 4. Here are some best practices: Pre-drilling is recommended for the best overall appearance with most fasteners. Always start the screw at a slower speed and maintain a steady speed and 

Thinking of replacing your wood deck with rot-resistant composite decking material? Read this Composite decking is a great choice vs. wood for a variety of reasons. People The longer the piece of decking, the greater its expansion and the more you have to account for this when building your deck.

G ASTM D-7032-04: Standard Specification for Establishing Performance Ratings for Wood-Plastic. Composite Deck Boards and Guardrail systems. H ASTM D 695: Standard Test Method of Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics. I ASTM D 696: Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Thermal Linear Expansion of 

Yes, plastic inherently expands and contracts with changes in temperature, however the mineral-fill used in our boards reduces the amount of thermal expansion that will occur. Lumberock expands contracts on the butt ends of the boards and requires a small gap between the boards to accommodate this. The width of the 

UPM ProFi Deck should not be installed on open joists on first floor or higher levels. 4. The support rails joists should be fixed to the ground or constructed to form an inter-locking grid. This prevents thermal expansion of the deck boards distorting the design of the deck. 5. The maximum spacing between support rails timber 

perform testing on their deck weatherproofing system installed with AZEK cellular PVC deck boards. The purpose of the The AZEK deck boards used for the testing reported herein are a co-extruded cellular PVC material ASTM D696-08e1, Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of. Plastics 

One of the attributes of utilizing a mineral in our formula is the minimizing of the thermal expansion rate and compares very favorably to 100% HDPE products on the market today. How should I fasten Bear Board? We recommend two different types of fasting systems to hold the deck boards down to the sub-frame; 2-1 2” 

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion. ASTM D696. 3.6x10-5 m m 0C. The above values are indicative only. The actual values may vary from one manufacturer to another and also depend on the proportion ofmaterials used. 11.4 CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPOSITE FIBRE PLASTIC MATERIAL. The primary use of 

Any man made board is going to be affected by thermal expansion and contraction so make sure you follow the manufacturer's guide to the letter in terms of gapping. I have stopped using PVC as I have said previously in the blog, however if I absolutely HAD to use a PVC board, it would be the Wolf board 

AZEK Building Products Inc.'s (Moosic, Pa.) Deck Harvest Collection is manufactured using the company's proprietary Procell cellular PVC reinforced with flax fiber, which mitigates the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, allowing narrower gaps between boards. The Collection comes in five colors: brownstone, 

All-plastic decking has its own downsides, however: Some has a shiny look that not everyone likes, and because there are no wood particles in the formulation, thermal expansion is a more pronounced problem. Cook says EPS's manufacturing process gives Bear Board more of a matte finish than some 

404,400 psi. Professional. 470,000 psi. MODULUS OF RUPTURE. ASTM D 6190. Paramount. 3,588 psi. Horizon, ProTect Advantage. 3,500 psi. Pro-Tect, Veranda ArmorGuard, Veranda Composite Decking. 3,444 psi. Good Life. 2,845 psi. Professional. 2,643 psi. LINEAR COEFFICIENT OF EXPANSION X 10-5 (in in OF).

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