painting a composite fence

Weatherproof and no need for staining or painting, composite fencing is the ideal way to build for the future. Simply choose your colour and finish:

Transform your outdoor space! Learn how to stain a composite surface with help from this step by step guide.

Although they are often installed as a maintenance-free option to wood, there may come a day when you wish to paint your vinyl fence. Since vinyl fencing is more durable than regular wood fencing, keep in mind that its longer warranty could become void if you paint it and damage its surface. However, if your fence has 

Additionally, composite fences don't need painting or staining like natural wood and don't have a reflective glare like vinyl fencing. They can also sustain stronger winds than wood, able to withstand even 100 mile-per-hour winds. In addition, composite fences are simple to clean, with most dirt easily 

1 4 Why Composite. composite-fence-panels Composite fence panels are the next generation of fencing. Superior in most ways to traditional wood timber solutions. As well as giving your project a modern high quality finish, some of the benefits include: Zero maintenance; aesthetics; Less time spent painting; Less 

composite fencing looks like traditional wood fencing but performs likes a modern composite -- meaning you'll never need to paint, stain or replace a cracked, splintering fence again. Here are some great fencing ideas and looks using composite fencing. These products are available online at 

On average it would take 50 hours to paint 10 panels both sides, 4 times. Times this at minimum wage of £7.20. All in you are looking at £674.86 (prices correct as of 01 04 16) This doesn't take into account brushes, brush cleaner and any cleaning products or sheets. Compare this to composite fencing £0. I suppose you 

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