fire rated composite decking

Thickness &. Type (1). Classified Deck Type. U.L.. Design. No. (2, 3, 4). Unrestrained. Beam. Rating. 1.5CF, 2CF, 3CF. D914. 1 Hr. ¾ Hr. Unprotected Deck . 3. Deck finish shall be galvanized. 2. Refer to the U.L. “Fire Resistance Directory” for the necessary construction details. Restrained. Assembly. Rating. Type of.

The methods described are referred to by BS 5950: Part 8: 1990 Code of Practice for Fire Resistant. Design. Mr. Newman, Dr. Lawson and Dr. Cooke were members of the drafting committee of that. Standard. The Second Edition includes new research information based on tests carried out in 1990. This has resulted in a 

Two methods are available for the design of composite steel deck floors designed to BS 5950 Part 4 for fire. The larger voids which occur under trapezoidal profiles can be left open in many instances for fire ratings up to 90 minutes, although some increase to the thickness of fire protection applied to the rest of the beam 

Lighting provides sophisticated, understated fixtures to enhance the ambiance and safety of any deck. Check your local codes, as well. Some localities now require lighting on stairs. OutdoorLighting provides sophistication and safety. Fire up the Grill Any deck can feel warm and cozy with grills, 

The ratings are as follows: A = 0-25. B = 26-75. C= 76-200. D = 201-500. E = OVER 500. All wood composite decking products are required to have a Class C or better flame spread rating. Fire regulations and codes continue to become more important in the building industry. is committed to 

Currently deck boards are made from either wood, pure plastic, or are a fiber-plastic composite product.The composite lumber products are popular these days ing on top of the deck.The brand is a standard item used in eval- uating the fire performance of roofing materials (for example, the. Class 'Pi rating).We used it in 

Though no material is “fire proof,” the proper use and assembly of fire-rated building materials can reduce a fire's spread, and in moderate fire-hazard areas. Composite decking. Composite decking is a mixture of recycled contents (generally wood and plastic). It's very durable and has a high resistance to environmental 

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