polyurethane 4x8 ft sheet deck

Balsa Core, contoured scrim backed 24" X 48" sheets, standard density 9 1 2 lbs. cu. ft. Balsa Properties. Each. L04-0291. Sheet, 1 4" Balsa Core 24" X 48" . Last a Foam, a closed cell, flame retardant, rigid, unicellular polyurethane foam that can be supplied in densities from 3 to 40 pounds per cubic foot.

By my math I think 3 4 plywood ends up closest to the weight of the 1.25 inch. The most expensive option in that list ends up running me $72 for the equivalent of a 4X8 sheet of plywood. The cheaper option is more like $40 (ends up being they sell ceder fencing material in a 3 4 X 5.5 inch X 6 foot).

Deck sheets can be fabricated up to 3,000 ft2 when using 10-ft. laps, 30'-6” wide with a full Shingles. Aluminum Coated Asphalt Granulated Cap Sheet Old Duro-Last Roofs TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). Coated or Smooth Asphalt Hypalon (CSPE). Polyurethane .. and its penetrations. 4 x 8-ft. insulation boards must.

cover boards that are lightweight with high compressive strength. These boards provide improved hail resistance and foot traffic resistance. 2.0 Guarantees .. Cold Adhesive. Roof. Insulation. Lightweight. Concrete Roof. Deck. Base Sheet. Pre-Assembled. Fastener and Plate. 5. Nailing pattern as shown on page 3-5.

We glued and screwed down 4 x 8-ft. sheets of MDF throughout our living room, office, dining room and kitchen. We countersunk We sanded the floor and put three to four coats of polyurethane on it. The next time around, we'd spray the sheets with at least one coat of sanding sealer to seal the pores before installation.

Back-nailing nailing strips and Insulation stops must be attached to resist a force of 200 lbf per lineal foot (2.9. kN m) minimum. 5. Insulation stops and back-nailing nailing strips are not needed when system is applied directly to a wood deck or a similar nailable substrate. The cap sheet can be back-nailed directly to a wood 

Heavy Duty Urethane Deck Coating. Utilizing the ELASTA-TUFF 5000 6000 X-2 System. An elastomeric urethane waterproofing system designed for pedestrian and roof surfaces which require high performance waterproofing. It is a monolithic system, designed 1 gal. 250-350 sq.ft. Base Membrane, ELASTA-TUFF 5000 

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